fake handbags paranoia...yet another thread

  1. I know people on this forum really don't like talking about fake handbags, but I went to some replica websites and the bags look really real. In fact, the bags that people are authenticating on this forum and mypoupette look exactly like those websites. This makes me paranoid about getting a bag on ebay. If they just look at pictures to authenticate, and those "replica" sites look exactly like the real thing, how do I know I'm getting real? My mom declares that 99% of handbags from hongkong are fake...yet people here consistently buy from hongkong sellers. I'm confused. Did any of you go to the boutique to get it authenticated?
  2. You are right, it's very hard to tell. I prefer waiting and buying the bags I want from the actual boutiques or NM/Bloomies/Saks/BG.
  3. ITA. :yes:

    Buying from eBay (and other auction sites) and even many websites is an extremely risky thing to do.

    Especially, in the case of eBay, if you aren't an experienced eBayer.

    ETA: We don't mind talking about fakes at all. We just mind if someone tries to promote the selling/intentional buying of fake bags.
  4. Most of the "fake" sites steal pictures of authentic bags. You won't be getting what you see in the picture.
  5. ^that's what I was going to say. . . they steal stock photos from the designers or worse yet, from here and puthtem up. . . you won't be getting the bag you see.
  6. What all of you are saying makes a lot of sense. Yea, now that I notice, a lot of the replica sites even use the same angle pictures as eluxury...possibly the same picture zoomed in. I guess I have no excuse to not go to a boutique...I'm a walk away from 5th ave...
  7. I'd never buy a bag off eBay unless it was some sort of vintage unique thing.
    But i guess you can tell whether its real or not from the authenticity card that comes with most designer purses.
  8. Absolutely none.....plus it's such great fun!:heart:
  9. Alot of replica sites use real photos - for example, alot of websites selling fake LV show the EXACT photos from eluxury.com.
  10. The fakes do not look exactly like the real thing, many far from it. If you know the bag well and have done some research on it, you will start to be able to tell the fakes apart from auth much easier. The leather, quality, and craftsmanship on the fakes can never compare to the authentic. If you know the authentic bag well, you'll be able to tell the difference much better. But yes if you are new to a bag and do not know it well, it is hard to tell the difference in pictures.
  11. Yeah, what's they're saying about those sites stealing photos is 100% right. Same thing with eBay... they can use real pics and send fake bags. I haven't had any problems though. If you do your research and buy from a reputable seller, usually you're safe. :yes:
  12. I would not want my money in any way to go to those crooks who are stealing from companies who spend a lot of time and money to design and produce fine handbags for those of us who love them.

    They are stealing designs as well as the good names these companies have spent decades building.

    I don't understand the "thrill" of buying a fake.... I don't buy bags to show off to someone else, which is what it seems like those who buy fakes are doing. The thrill of having a designer bag is the quality of the leather and workmanship and just knowing that it is the real thing.
  13. I just don't understand fakes at all.
  14. In defense of ebay, there are a couple of sellers that do sell the real thing. Of course they are previously owned...generally, if the price is too good to be true, stay away!
  15. Oh, geez...if you are uneasy or unsure, either post on an Authenticate thread here or STAY AWAY....it makes me SOOO upset to see people scammed...Everytime I go to ebay, I can see at least a few hundred if I look at bagts long enough. Some know, some don't.
    But, yes, I for one, have ONLY sold authentic on ebay.