Fake handbags: Have you ever gotten duped?

  1. I am an avid handbag collector with about 30 purses, 98 percent of which are Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I only collect authentic bags, but I was once duped by a seller on eBay who sold me a fake.

    I thought I'd share my story (for educational purposes) about shelling out $1,000 for what turned out to be taco-shaped pleather bag. I hope others will share their stories so we can all learn from each other's mistakes rather than keep remaking mistakes. Mine is kind of funny, so this is for humor purposes, too. Plus, I feel like I need to vent about it.

    Here we go.

    So, here I am, an avid LV and Chanel fan. I can pretty much tell a fake from a mile away and, to be frank, I hate fakes so much that sometimes I want to punch in the side of the head these little 14-year-olds with their fake LV multicolor monogram pochettes at the mall.

    Anyway, a couple years ago, I discovered eBay as a way to get bags that were either rare or hard to get. I could avoid waiting lists. I thought it was the best thing ever. I knew there were a lot of counterfeit bags on eBay, but being somewhat of a pro at the brands I knew well, I could avoid them rather easily.

    Being the know-it-all I was, I decided I was smart enough to try to buy a Fendi bag for the first time -- on eBay. I actually hate Fendi, but I had a very brief interest in the Fendi spy hobo (not the spy bag, but the hobo style) when I was going through this boho chic thing in early '05. There were quite a few of them on eBay, and the fakes were pretty obvious.

    Then I found the bag I wanted. The seller had 100 percent positive feedback. They had sold numerous bags before, with no problems, so I perused the pictures carefully. It looked completely authentic. Every detail was in the right place on the exterior and interior of the bag. I did buy-it-now for $1,000.

    Two days later, the bag came. Not only was it the actual "spy bag" style and not the hobo I had bid on, it was a pleather material that smelled like sardines. The "tags" that came with the bag were all screwed up, and included a care booklet with extremely broken English instructions, e.g. "Bag if wet tap with clothen towel fuzz."

    I thought it was a joke. I almost started to cry. How could those other buyers on eBay leave this putz POSITIVE feedback?!?!?! I couldn't believe that they had sent me something completely different than the auction. I was horrified. I mean, this was a no-returns, authenticity-guaranteed transaction, according to the seller. Well, anyway, I went online and got the seller's phone number and I called him. No one does this s*** to ilovemrjones and gets away with it!

    A strange foreign man in Brooklyn by the name of Ed answered the phone. I was going to confront him about the fakeness, but figured I'd never see my money again if I did. So I explained to him that he sent the wrong bag. He goes, "Oh my God. That bag you got is worth more than $2,000." (Liar!) So I asked to send it back, but I told him I was "so upset" that I wouldn't have my spy hobo in time for an event that evening that I wanted a refund rather than an exchange. I convinced him that he'd caused me a lot of trouble.

    Surprisingly, he agreed, but he charged me an $80 "restocking fee." I got my money back and then I used his business address and Web site address to find out who he was. Then I complained to the Better Business Bureau in New York. I am happy to say he's no longer a user on eBay and his two Web sites are shut down.

    I am pretty proud I played a small part in ruining the business of a counterfeiter.

    But I never did get that Fendi spy hobo. And in the end, I'm kind of glad, too. It's so un-hip these days! I will never stray from Chanel or LV again!
  2. Wow! That's crazy! That was very smart of you to do!! You're lucky you got your money back. I think that ppl that sell fake stuff on ebay probably get friends or open ebay accounts under ppl's names and leave themselves good feedback for ppl like us to fall for. It's so unfair! I wish something could be done about it! You're story makes me not want to buy on ebay! I really want the Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano and I've been looking on ebay and I found one that was authenticated by tpf but now I've afraid that might not be the bag I receive! :girlsigh:
  3. Wow, I'm glad you got your money back and i'm impressed with you contacting the BBB ! :tup: I was just duped a few days ago on Ebay and won't be buying a designer bag there again. Bleh. Thanks to the awesome TPF -ers I was able to confirm it was a fake and I'm sending it back tomorrow. Bleh, never, ever again.......
  4. ilovemrjones: You sound like my kind of chick! Smart, fiesty, and to the point! Congrats on "checking" that fake-Fendi slinging fool/idiot. Also, welcome to tpf! You will love it here!

    Dollyrusso: What happened? What kind of bag was it? Im so sorry that happened to you.
  5. You know, I felt pretty bad lying to this guy, believe it or not. I just try not to do that kind of business. But he had cheated me out of a lot of money, and I had to play his game to get it back.

    I definitely agree about the "friends" feedback thing. I think they probably have colleagues make individual accounts and do fake sales with each other leave feedback. This guy was an effin' pro at what he was doing. He had 400+ positive feedback.

    Either that, or some people got scammed and didn't realize and left him positive feedback anyway ... a horrifying thought.

    eBay is fine, though. In fact, I have actually bought two Chanels there. I would STRONGLY suggest only buying from MyPoupette verified sellers and sellers that have good reps here on TPF. That's how I've been doing it for awhile now and I've had no more problems.

  6. Hopefully you will get all your money back. Has the seller been cooperative? (Did you tell them it was fake?) I was so scared to tell this guy I knew it was fake.

  7. "You know, I felt pretty bad lying to this guy, believe it or not. I just try not to do that kind of business. But he had cheated me out of a lot of money, and I had to play his game to get it back."

    Kudos to you! You absolutely did the right thing. I really think if you had came out and said this is fake, I want my money back, the whole situation would have been very chaotic.

    "I definitely agree about the "friends" feedback thing. I think they probably have colleagues make individual accounts and do fake sales with each other leave feedback. This guy was an effin' pro at what he was doing. He had 400+ positive feedback."

    This is very true but also, I have come to realize that Ebay is a big game where people will do anything ranging from extortion/threats/whatever to ensure they have a perfect or close to perfect feedback rating. Example: Seller sells buyer a fake bag, buyer complains, files a claim and is allowed to send the bag back. Buyer knows she should leave negative feedback but she also knows that the seller will leave retaliatory feedback. As a result, the buyer leaves positive feedback because hey, she got her money back, and she doesnt want a negative on her Ebay record, and in the end, the seller maintains their feedback rating and goes about their merry business!

    ^This happens a lot!
  8. Yes. A Dior bag at an boutique that wasn't reputable. I was inexperienced with designer bags at the time so I didn't know any better. I was irate upon discovering it was fake and stormed back to the place and gave the owner/seller a piece of my mind.
  9. Thanks :smile: it's all ok. you can read about it a bit in the authenticate forum under Isabella Fiore. I didn't do my homework beforehand but yes, the seller still insists it's authentic and that she bought it from Saks off 5th. Whatever.... Oh and it was SUPPOSED to be a Buried treasure wallet (for fun, do a google search for fake fiore buried treasure, it's amazing). Then again, what was I thinking buying a wallet I had never seen IRL before. Talk about trusting Ebay lol! silly.

    ilovemrjones, I loved your story lol. Good girl! Making the world a better place :tup: As for me, I filed through Paypal for my money back which upset the seller but I figured if she's selling a fake wallet then i can't really trust her. What kills me is that I left her positive feedback before I knew the wallet was fake. and she hasn't left me any feedback yet. I can already guess whats coming though.

    oh and I still want the wallet lol. I just want a real one!