fake handbag WEBSITE!

  1. is there any way to report a website??

    just check this beauty out!

    100% Brand New Coach women's HANDBAG/ Bag/ Purse with dustbag Come with dust bag and tag. Please buy with confidence 100% authentic bag!"

    this sh*t makes me freaking sick in my stomach. :cursing:
  2. are you freaking kidding me??!? :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  3. yea i want to buy a bag w/someone elses initials on it!!!! if anyone even thought that was real wouldn't they question that???

    the holiday patchwork one is hilarious!!!
  4. Wow....I mean if you make a fake, make it look real!!! I didn't know my mom got me a fake one (well, she doesn't really know the difference. Poor woman, haha) and everyone, including me, thought it was real!

    But those are PATHETIC. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...:yucky:
  5. You know what I just noticed about the "initials", is that they are the same as the one that was advertised on the website and in stores back in 06. I'm pretty sure it was CLG. SO they must have thought that the bag came with those initials on it! oh lame! Those bags are so sad looking...
  6. I removed the link, we don't allow the links to be posted, we don't want to give them free advertising.
  7. Ew :x
  8. Haha thats messed up.

  9. sorry. i wasn't trying to advertise that, trust me. :sweatdrop:
    i just posted it so maybe people could help me shut it down?
    i'm not sure how one goes about doing this, though.
  10. :yucky:

    I think the CLG is supposed to stand for "Coach Leather Goods" when it was used to advertise the bag.