Fake handbag - used Bidpay

  1. I've tried to find the answer here, but am having no luck. And the more you stare at eBay's Help forums the more confusing they get -

    I bought what turned out to be a fake BBag on eBay yesterday. The seller would only use Bidpay for payment, so I paid with my Visa - the transaction didn't get approved until late yesterday. Seller has not shipped the bag, and will not now, since she's been outed as a fake-bag seller. I contacted my CC card company and they have a dispute/chargeback on the transaction. So - I'm all set.

    HOWEVER - my question is how do I get this seller kicked off or reprimanded on eBay? Her ID is bailey*buttons and she's tried to sell this BBag a number of times, each time 'guaranteeing it's authenticity' until she got to me - I have put her back to the wall, she can't guarantee authenticity because it's a fake bag. She can't/won't provide a receipt, she won't respond to proof that the bag's fake other than saying she's 'horribily upset that I could think that'. She signed up to be a tPF member in April but hasn't been active until the brouhaha in the Balenciaga Authenticate This forum last night (tPF id is belleluna) - and she didn't respond decently there.

    I want her off eBay. Who do I contact, what link do I follow, tell me how to proceed - since Paypal's not involved, I can't find anything about how to do this.