Fake handbag boutique owners...

  1. They must all have this forum bookmarked.:lol: Whenever one is questioned, someone mysteriously appears to defend the site.
  2. Yeah, they must look at where the hits to their Web site comes from, then visit the forum, register and pose as a "satisfied customer" :suspiciou
  3. So sad. They should at least join all of the purse forums, post regularly so that when someone mentions their fake-selling site, they would at least look less obvious. But I guess selling fakes takes up a lot of spare time.
  4. Ripping off people is a time consuming business after all. ;)
  5. Makes me so mad....do they think we are that stupid? :evil:
  6. Scamming people is a full time job! I'm suprised they actually have the time to do this!
  7. Ya and they're starting to get pretty creative with it too...
  8. Some of you may have read my 15 year plan for getting my BA; well anyway and to the point - I am in the final stretch here (psych/CJC majors) and am taking a few CJC courses this semester.

    I had to pick a research paper topic on transnational crime and because of the recent headlines chose the counterfeiting of luxury goods.

    I look forward to really learning about this CRIME - and sharing my info with you ladies...these scammers who come on here just motivate me more and more to start doing my damn homework. :P
  9. how do these places still operate ? Is'nt it incredibly illeagal ?
  10. They must be making an absolute fortune with the prices they're selling their bags for (esp. on eBay) - what would it cost them to have made or to buy?