Fake Gucci's

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  1. Ok, so I am incredibly angry right now as I have just found out my Gucci bag and purse may be fake. I know another person has mentioned the site before (************) and had concerns for their purchases. I have just emailed the company and have reported the site to Gucci who will hopefully be able to get them removed, although I'm not sure how these things work. So just a note to all, do not buy from them! The advertise as a VAT registered genuine selling site but do nothing but decieve. It's really annoying as the bag was a christmas present last year from my boyfriend which I picked out. He spent a lot on it all for nothing. I have requested compensation from the company altough I doubt they'll even reply now.
    Ok, I have now just reported them to the IACC who deal with counterfeit goods) The site maybe didn't realise they were selling fake goods but if they did and they have been getting all the money from people then they need to be stopped!
    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. i got sold a fake bag once. its the worst feeling ever!!! sorry that it happen to you. i hope you can get ur money back! :s

    which website was it?
  3. How irritating to say the least. I'm sorry. I got a fake once also. It was my very first "gucci." As soon as I took it out of the box, I knew it was fake. It just didn't hold its shape. Of course I couldn't give it back or resale it. I ended up just giving it to my mother in law, who doesn't care. The bag is now falling apart, like every other fake out there. Every since then I only buy bags from the actual store, Neimans, or Saks. It is a hard and expensive way to learn a lesson. However, the peace of mind knowing my bag is authentic outways any reservations over paying more for it.
  4. I am so scared about buying from any online boutiques. I stick with NM, Saks and BG. I'm deathly afraid of eBay. -
  5. I really want a Gucci pelham purse- any help? I have found a few on ebay, but i am not sure if they are real.
  6. i'm possibly **NO BUYING/SELLING ON THE PF PLEASE...PLEASE READ THE RULES!!!!************.
  7. I am so sorry
  8. UUUUUUUUUGH so sorry to hear. That's so disheartening. Good luck with your attempts at refunds. I hope it works out for you.

    Also, to the person looking for pelhams: If there are some on ebay you're looking at, post the link in the authenticate thread and there are some lovely people there that are always willing to help. Good luck
  9. awwww sorry!! i hope u can get it all worked out!
  10. that is why the best way of getting an authentic bag is buying them from the boutique. there's a very big risk in finding stuff that are below retail because there is a very very big chance it's a knock-off. good luck to you! hope you get a refund.