Fake Gucci (Nicky Hilton)?

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  1. Okay.... I am not a gucci expert but is this a really cheap copy that doesnt even get the monogram right? Or with this collection did gucci choose to do a half 'g' print or something?:wacko:
    Its not like The skank sisters havent been caught with a fake ?!?

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  2. no no its real- my friend has the same one in a pinky one
  3. No absolutely not. It's not fake...i have exactly the same bag except in diff color....the pink purple one ..this bag was Tom Ford's last creation for Gucci.
  4. Kool thanks guys. I am more of a dior expert. i just thought the monogram looked a bit weird.
  5. nefredity i LOVE that one.. the pink purple.. beautiful bag!!!! thats the one my friend has

    i dont know why everyone is always trying to catch them out with fakes.. they have sooo much money plus get loads for free why in the world would they carry a fake? ( im not a fan of thiers persay just making an observation)
  6. i know this bag in particular isn't fake but i have seen them in photos carrying actual fakes so we can't just say that just cuz they have money they don't carry fakes
  7. I'd be curious to see those photos . . . do you know where I can find them?
  8. we have a thread about celebrities with fake bags, i believe. there are pics in there. nicole richie has a fake balenciaga and paris hilton has more than 1 fake LV.
  9. where is that thread ? i want to see
  10. amanda, do you have a link to that thread on thefashionspot?
  11. Who is supplying them with the fakes? Are the stylists doing it? Or do you think that these celebrities are trying to save a buck by buying bags from ebay? :lol: I just don't get why a person who can afford to buy anything she wants would carry a fake. Someone please explain!
  12. I dont think the Hiltons are that rich. I read somewhere they are only set to get about a million $ each when the inheritance goes thorugh. Not that rich by todays standards!?! Paris has made like 35 million selling herself. they buy fakes becuase everyone will think they are real. Paris is notorious for fakes.
  13. $35M? Crazy! She may act ditsy but she's really smart at selling herself w/o much efforts. Way too good... :lol: