Fake Gucci Bag

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  1. Before I got suspended from eBay, I paid for a fake gucci bag and I opened a dispute tru paypal and now paypal is asking for a proof from a third party.. how can i do that? what do I need to fax them? where do I go? the bag is OBVIOUSLY FAKE as it does not have a serial number. Please help!
  2. Sorry about your acc but for proof, you'll be able to contact CarolDiva.com for ( non ) -authentication letter, she'll respond you within 12 hours and please don't forget the time limit of your claim. IT'll be expire after 10 days from the date PayPal sent you email required for proof.
  3. how long does it usually take for them to send the letter? and will paypal accept their non authentication letter>?
  4. I think my poupette can write a letter. not sureof time.
  5. I am purchased a Fake LV damier wallet last week. The seller is very rude and there is noway thats I can communicate with.
    I've contact Carol@caroldiva.com she can write a formal letter ,and if you are in the rush she can have it within 2 days, the rush's fee kind of high. Her fees are depend on the price of the auction. I pay $270.00 for the counterfeit wallet,so my fee is $33.00:sad: