FAKE Gucci Bag - what shall I do?

  1. On first week of July I bought a Gucci Diaper bag on eBay. At first I did not know it was fake. The seller guaranteed it to be authentic. The bag has serial no and all. I just used the bag on one special occasion for a very short time. My friends who saw it said that it was a fake. I checked online and found this website that sells the same exact bag. These bags are from China. She still sells so much of them actually. I was so upset but then I just let it passed as I do not want any hassle. I never used the bag after that. The bag is still in new condition. When I found about this forum, I was thinking if I can still return it. I just thought that it's not worth it. lost money and the bag was just lying the closet.
    Now my question is, can I still return it? Eventhough, its been more than 2 months now?Please help me on what I can do about this? Is there still a chance? Please advice. Thanks!
  2. I have been after these fake diaper bag sellers for a while now!!

    What country are you in?
    How did you pay?
  3. It's probably too late to file with eBay/PP, you will probably have to go straight to your CC company -- if you paid with a card, not existing PP funds.
  4. Yeah I know!!!
    I am from US and I paid by Paypal.

  5. oh yes! Thank God I paid by Credit Card. I just checked it now. What are the steps in doing that? Is it gonna be worth it? I mean, I do not want to waste my time for nothing. How long does it usually take before you get a refund. What does the CC company usually asked when disputing a charge?

    Many Thanks!!
  6. It can take its time but it is worth doing!
    Also report your sellers listing!
    If you have already left feedback- leave follow up feedback saying that you have found out it is a counterfeit to warn other buyers!
  7. You should add the seller to the hall of shame so everyonr here knows not to buy from her also! I think a chargeback should only take 2 maybe 3 weeks tops!

    You gotta call yur credit card company right away and ile a chargeback! I would also attempt to file a claim through paypal and ebay it still may not bee too late its worth a try.

    Good Luck!
  8. Do a chargeback! Paypal takes forever! And plus you cant do both, if you do a chargeback with ur credit card company the paypal claim is automatically cancelled, because ur credit card company is dealing with it now not paypal. So be careful with that.
  9. that's right