Fake Grysons

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  1. I've been seeing alot of Fake Grysons on eBay. Just lately it seens. They sell them pretty cheap. I went off and took a gander and Ioffer, and sure enough, there they are. Did you all know you can get a Gryson Skye for 240.00??? Oh my...
  2. Oh dear! I do not like this at all! What lengths people will go to, to earn $$. I guess the Dept. stores, like Neiman's, Saks, Bergdorfs, etc. benefit, since fewer people will buy with confidence on eBay and will pay full price...
  3. Wow! It sure doesn't take the fakers long. That's terrible.
  4. It even looks like they mimic the inner lining (which in My opinion the best inner lining of any bag ever). This particular bag is only asking 100 bucks...

  5. it's a serious epidemic.
  6. Horrible! I feel sorry for the poor people who send their money to these thieves and end up with nasty fakes.
  7. I can't believe that they are already faking Gryson's! It's too bad that not enough TPFers have them to help authenticate!
  8. I posted about the fake Gryson's and counterfeit sites selling new "Gryson" stock a few months ago. The TPFer who works for Gryson (grysongirl maybe?) chimed in that they were sadly aware that fakes had sprouted up. There's one ebay seller in particular that sells cheap nik naks, Grysons and Miu Miu Coffers. That's all, that's her inventory. Mmmmm what d'ya think her bags are fake?