Fake Gryson

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  1. OMG, yike!
  2. Wow! How are these sites legal?
  3. Gryson do have fakes and beware becuase they look much more appealing than these do on this site. There's always fake Grysons on eBay most likely bought from Ioffer.
  4. They do wholesale... meaning there are merchants selling these fake bags somewhere. I wonder how many people buy these handbags w/o knowing that they are fake.
    It is interesting how they organized their web site. It looks legit but read this:
    And they have been making replicas for THREE years!

  5. Seriously Lexie2000, when I saw the picture at first, I thought I was getting a deal of a lifetime. LOL The pictures do look so nice. I wonder how you can tell that they are fake bags.
  6. Well, the leather doesn't really look real. If the price is too good to be true, that it is just that. And, if you ever see incorrect grammar on a site, more than likely it is for fakes. I'm just surprised that they don't crack down on this kind of stuff.
  7. Good God, is nothing sacred? I swear, you can't trust anyone any more!
  8. Look at this gustto!! WTF! It looks the same as my gustto!
    Gustto Baca Bag Large Orange.JPG
  9. Alot of the ones on eBay are sold by the same people who are selling Miu miu coffers and Prada fringe bags. All of these bags recently were out on Ioffer to buy in bulk. The Grysons were around 160 each.
    If you look very closely and probably would be more apt to catch it if you had a real Gryson and knew the quality, the leather is not quality leather. If they showed the zipper markings they probably would not be correct, and also the Zipper tape backing sometimes is a color other than the bag. Like a Chocolate Skye with Tan zipper tape backing. It should be Chocolate brown. And then the price....we all know what a real Gryson cost so can you expect to get one for 199.99? If you take all of this in, with a close inspection of the sellers past sales, you usually can weed out the fakes.
  10. Very wise words, Lexie. What are your thoughts on fake Gusttos? Are they easy to identify?
  11. Unbelievable. Thanks for showing us this. I love my Gryson Skye and will probably buy another one.Thanks for the warning. I had no idea that these were being faked.
  12. ^^^^^I had no idea either......as soon as a bag becomes a little popular, then it is hot for faking. Shame.

  13. If you go to Ioffer you can see what Fake Gusttos can look like. One person refered to the look as "seared flesh". The bags are exceptionally wrinkly, and not just distressed. The bag shown in this thread above has a more wrinkled look than a real Gustto. Some are mild and others are really horrid in appearance.
    The leather is your only sure sign of a fake Gustto as their control is a little loose as keeping their standards exact on every bag. Linings are shotty and different, zippers can be different, so you can't rely on these things to give you clues to authenticity.
  14. Sadly. I purchased one of their (LeatherMoon) bags from a seller on eBay toting it as an authentic piece. I know it was one of theirs as the same photos were used in the auction.. Thanks for pointing them out - They have now been reported to the necessary authorities. Hopefully the site will be shut down asap!