Fake grooms already!

  1. Beware. Yesterday my neighbor received a Groom piece she purchased from eBay and it's a fake. Just thought I'd pass it on!
  2. Yikes!! :wtf:
  3. Yeah, someone had a link for them earlier this morning and they're REALLY bad. Like they totally missed the detailing on the screen print AND they got a little too creative with some of the colors when they don't even exist. So everyone alert your friends to beware!
  4. Ohh I would lvoe to see pics!!
  5. PICS!!! plz :flowers:
  6. Ekk.
  7. ReallY? No way! That was too fast...
  8. OMG! yuck!
  9. Thanks for the heads up.....
  10. wow./..already? ...how sad!
  11. Wow, any pics?
  12. what were the signs that it was fake? i looked on past ebay auctions and nothing really screamed fake.
  13. Well at least they dun look anything like the real thing!!! Who're they trying to kid??:yucky:
  14. Yeah somebody posted an Ioffer link to some on the worst fakes ever thread. I swear they make me want to cry. How are they able to do this.