Fake Goyards???

  1. I was just wondering if you guys knew anything about fake Goyards being sold on eBay. I took a browse at what Goyards were (and have) sold on eBay and they were going for less than half of the price. Are people knocking off Goyards already???
  2. I am quite sure that the Goyard that are being sold for less than half the price are most likely fake. With Goyard becoming more and more popular and with its being not readily available, the real thing will NOT be sold for 50% or less. Fake sellers are really making it hard for the ppl who sell the real deal. There ARE some real Goyards on eBay, but you should definitely post the links on tPF and ask other members first if you're uncertain.

    I don't own a fake Goyard so I cannot tell you what the exact difference are. However, at first glance I can tell that the fake ones generally look pretty flimsy.
  3. i've read that there are lots of FAKE goyards already....meaning that Goyard has become a mainstream luxury bag and the fakers feel the need to imitate them! get your G bag from Barneys, Bergdorfs and the goyard store in SFO! and to let people know that your's is not a fake, make sure you add customized stripes and monograms, IMO.
  4. But wouldn't customizing it with stripes make it more difficult to sell? I'm going to include my receipt and credit card statements to prove mine's real.
  5. yeah K, that's the best proof when you're selling your's. i'm just talking about those that just carry them and hoping that others won't think that your goyard is a fake, custom stripes and monograms would erase that doubts!
  6. that's a great idea... i never thought about it that way... I'm always pondering what initials to put. maiden name or married name :s

    Aside from initials, what other designs can they put there. I know crowns are out - too bad :crybaby: Do they have a catalog at the store showing you the different things you can put on your customized G?
  7. I have seen a couple of fake ones up close... they don't look so good. In Asia they are going for sometihng like US$30....half a % of what the real thing cost!! The finishing is lousy and it doesn't even have their Paris address on the print... not sure what they are like on ebay. Of course from a far they do look similar... and for around US$30 it's not bad (for wearing to supermarkets to throwing it around the beach)! Bottom line is, can you handle carrying something fake?
  8. Indeed, fakes 'already'...
  9. If you go to Bergdorf, the sales rep (Ms. Levin) will show you the book of choices and suggest some if you ask her. I only got my initials - the stripes just didn't do it for me. It took 6 weeks, though, to get the bags (I bought two) sent to me.
  10. goyard has many fakes at the time and in general i cant exactly call differances as i do not have one to compare but as far as i know the st. louis is the most copied of them all. i have not seen an exact copy of say the corisiere or the saigon im sure they are out there but i have not yet seen them. but remember as many fakes as posible not one can beat the real deal ! but then again im sure you know that ijijijiijjiijij but i never buy on e bay unless im totally totally sure its authentic like my louis cherry blossom papillon.
  11. ^^ Old thread guys.
  12. There are a lot of fake Goyards out there. Just check out ioffer.com. If buying a used one make sure you know the person very well and to ******************. The only way to know if it's real/genuine is to buy directly from Barneys or the Goyard stores
  13. i have noted about a 60 real deal 40 percent fake that is pretty high so be careful !!!
  14. For awhile there were fake Goyard's everywhere I turned in NYC. There are lots of ppl selling bags on street corners and especially around 2006/2007 I couldn't pass one without seeing an array of fake Goyard's. They looked good too I don't know how to tell real from fake.