Fake Goyard's on Ebay?

  1. I've never owned a goyard, but i was wondering if you guys knew whether they are made as fakes often or not? how can you tell if one is fake on ebay?? does anyone know, because they're pretty affordable on ebay and id like to get one, thanks guys:shame:
  2. Pls. be very careful with ebay. I definitely see a lot of fake Goyard on there!
  3. There are tons of fake Goyards...I see them all the time here in HK...and if they are here they are definitely on Ebay!!
  4. oh wow thanks, i didnt know that, you guys are amazing, ill just stop looking at them completely and go back to the chanels! :heart:
  5. grace, your best bet would be to get it straight from the store or at Barneys online :smile:
  6. Grace, there're definitely quite a lot of fake Goyards on eBay. Basically, an authentic Goyard will NOT be sold for $300!! If you're going to buy from eBay, make sure you buy from someone who is trustworthy. There ARE honest sellers out there who are not MPRS or ALVA members (we have trustworthy PF-ers who sell there too), you just need to make sure you ask the seller LOTS of questions and get a feel for them. When all fails, ask the members on tPF for their opinion on whether the bag is authentic.

    Basically, there ARE authentic Goyard available on eBay and there are good deals available (like couple hundred bucks off retail), however you will NOT find the real thing for $300 or 50% off retail. Fake Goyard really pisses me off because it's making things hard for the people who are actually selling the real thing :cursing: .
  7. I see fake Goyards ALL OVER New York City--people seem to be using them as diaper bags.
  8. The fake Goyards are so ugly. The craftsmaship totally sucks and the shape is completely off and very flimsy. The fake sellers really make it hard for the rest of us who are unloading our authentic stuff.:Push:
  9. There is a seller out of France that might have real ones. They are cheaper in France. I think it would be hard to authenticate if you haven't seen one in person. There are lots of fakes on Ebay. There is a gorgous real white St. Martin there now, if you're interested - its a few hundred below retail. FYI Goyard bags are going up in price something like 10% on Nov. 1st!