Fake Goyard

  1. Spotted a shop selling fake Goyard over the weekend. We use to say real Goyards feel bumpy on the surface because of the handpaint. But when I felt the texture of the fake ones, the surfaces were bumpy as well. Not the same kind of bumpy but seriously, which excited new Goyard lover can tell the difference?

    I guess I own enough Goyards to know the difference in quality and price but seeing a shop selling over 20 pieces of St. Louis in different sizes managed to shaken me alittle. They even have that MM size I never managed to get. I am used to seeing lots of fake LVs or fake Chanels where I come from, but Goyards? That's the first.

    Just sharing.
  2. if there's money in it they're gonna make it.
  3. I too just found out last year that there are fake St. Louis' around. I was at a sporting store and 1 of the girls who worked there complimented my bag and said she have the same. I'm immediately I thought like wow she must have saved for this bag. Until she asked me if mine was original, because hers was fake lol..
  4. Beginning of the year made a short trip to HK. At the night market was the first time I saw fake goyards on sale... honestly I was quite taken aback n a little upset! haha but oh well!
    Yes I felt the surface n it feels almost the same but somehow it was easy to tell it it's a fake.
    Also recently I saw 2 yellow st louis one in Singapore and one in Thailand, not sure if it's fake or what but somehow the yellow doesn't seem as bright as the one I bought for my friend. Anyone has a yellow goyardine item can clarify if the colour becomes less bright after using for awhile??
  5. I have a yellow Fidji and the material is still as sunshine as ever (which reminds me that I owe someone a modelling photo)

    Yes the girl at the shop also said that I could try the bag on.. I was touching the surface and she thought i was really interested.
  6. Christ! Is nothing sacred anymore. I hope Goyard doesn't become a commonly seen bag. Very sad.
  7. I really love my Goyard and want to purchase again, but with all this the fakes stuff that is so close with real one going around makes me feel hesitant to purchase even with renowned boutique:sad:
  8. cant tell fake from the real deal apart as well :sad:
    its not as easy as with fake LV. at least for me.
  9. This would make me sad. Goyard is unique and each is different from hand painting. Fakes ruin that. :sad:
  10. In NYC Goyard fakes are pretty common, probably for a few years now. They sell the St Louis and other styles. I've never been close enough to touch them, so I don't know how they feel compared to real ones. Some of them have initials on them too!
  11. That's really bad! The truth is there are still ways to tell them apart but can't help feeling upset.

    And to think Goyard is coming to Singapore soon!
  12. It is! I see school-age girls carrying them now (they're about 15 or 16 years old)... most of the time, you can tell it's the poorly-made knockoffs but it still goes to show Goyard is an aspiration they're working towards...
  13. yea so far i have only seen fake st louis around. hmmm

    love hate r/s here!!! no idea if goyard coming to SG is a good or bad thing -.-

    on one hand any problems with the bags we can just send to the store for work... oh n customization!

    but on a selfish note I like the exclusivity now that it's not easily available hahah. :p
  14. Haha, I'm definitely selfish too. I don't mind getting my hands on them through Paris. Even HK prices are way higher, I think SG prices will be outrageous
  15. I don't know how to tell the real ones from the copies which is why I'm gettin' mine from Barneys.