Fake Goyard Senat at Barneys

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  1. Hello all!

    So today me and my friend went to Barneys at Copley Place Boston just to check out some Goyard Senat mini, so I approached the Goyard corner and inquired about it.

    The SA proceeded to display all the colors they have and I checked out the black, they had 2. But, one was particularly weird, like it was painted, which is fine because I know they used to do that, so then I proceeded to check the stamping and smell the zip case out of curiosity (I know how to authenticate Gucci and I do this all the time). Lo and behold, it is the fakest Chinese stamping I have ever seen, the font was Arial and it was tilted and also it smells plasticy.

    As a good samaritan (I guess) I asked her the chance of this being a fake and possibly a return. Without even looking, straight away she said Barneys wouldn't ever sell fake (YES I know ma'am, that's why I said it is possibly a return). She was all like pompous about it, talking about stencil printing and whatever and I showed the glaring difference and bad quality stamping, she refused and again arrogantly she said this is older version and Barneys would never sell fake (sighing heavily at this point).

    The point of this story is, please be careful buying Goyard at this place, especially if you're looking at the Senat Mini. One thing that I regret was not taking the pic of the stamping. I probably don't know much about Goyard, but I know how a really bad fake can look like. I am really saddened that one person in the future will buy this piece thinking that that is real.

    End rant, let me know your thoughts. :smile:
  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. I hope nobody buys that bag and thank you for letting us know.
    This might be part of the fakes being returned by an old member here who is being sued for this same thing.
  3. Back in the days Goyard used an Arial like font for their stamping. So it probably was a very old Senat.
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  4. I own Goyard from different years and there is significant difference between each piece.
    The stamp font, goyardinne print and even placement of the serial number (same model from different years)
    There is even difference in color, Goyard is one of the hardest brands to authenticate imo

  5. Do you know btw where the date code is supposed to be on the Senat MM ? I bought one recently (posted a reveal here) but could not find any date code in it. :smile:

    And I agree with above : Goyard has changed a lot of things through the year. They used to use a very basic font as stamping that's very difficult to differentiate from the fakes ! Even the placement on their chevron "E:GOYARD" has changed. Before it was not completely aligned with the colored paint spots and now it is.
  6. I don't frequent this forum but this caught my eye. A Tpf member who was active on the H forum recently got arrested in a bag sting for purchasing bags at high end department stores (Like Barneys), switching them out with replicas from China and then returning the fakes. The entire story is in the eBay forum. It was especially shocking because many people got scammed into buying what they thought were real bags because they were purchased in a department store. So while I don't know Goyard at all, there is merit to the what the OP claimed.
  7. I agree with you with the different fonts and everything. But the pouch I saw has amazingly weird font. I probably would be proven wrong, but if Goyard used to really sell that kinds of items and was successful, I have to say it is an amazing phenomenon. That's how sure I was with how fake it was.