Fake Giant Hardware?

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  1. There is a post on atellier.naff that says the Giant Hardware will be much easier to counterfeit. Has anyone heard of this. I'm thinking of buying a GH work, but won't if there is going to be a ton of fake GH's everywhere. Thanks!
  2. hmmmm....i just got a GH city and it's amazing. i don't think you should be put off by the knockoffs out there as there will always be people who sell and carry fakes. the detail on the GH is really cool but if you are worried, then perhaps you should pass on it. i personally love it and you can really see the craftsmanship in not only the bag but the hardware.
  3. Balenciaga leather is so distinctive, and the GH is so bright and shiny in gold… I don’t think it is easy to resist.
  4. I think that regular hardware is just as easy to fake, if not easier.
  5. oh boy, i have seen some woman wearing a giant pink GH brief. :shocked: pink like a coral pink. OMG, it was fake leather but they did the gold hardwares, making me so furious. the great thing about balenciaga is the leather, i dont think fakers can ever achieve that kind of craftmanship!
  6. :tdown:
    Please don't let the counterfeiter's scare you away from getting the bag you want! There are still many ways to spot fakes on the GH bags, and lots of knowledgable pf-ers that can help you. So when in doubt, ask for help on a bag your are interested in, in the "Authenticate This" thread!
  7. yes, i've seen fake GH bbags. :tdown:
  8. Do not be intimidated if there will be fake GH bags out there. Fake bags are everywhere, regardless of styles and brands.
  9. Yeah, don't worry about the fakes, cause yours will be the real thing.
  10. There are a ton of GH fakes, but then again, there are fakes of most coveted bags. They have already begun to fake some of the new F/W styles too. It really is a shame that some people want to make a living by trying to scam other people.