Fake GH Yellow Brief on ebay, funny!

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  1. :roflmfao:There is a hideous fake yellow GH brief on ebay right now. Go look for it, you'll get a good laugh. I wish it at least resembled what marigold is supposed to look like for color comparison... Just search rare brief.
  2. oh god! I dont think it can get more fake than that... nothing like the one i saw
  3. Actually look up Balenciaga brief and it comes right up. I could post pic, but I'm not sure if that would break the rules, since the pics aren't mine. I don't know how to link the auction, so if anyone does maybe they could do that.
  4. How was the leather on the one you saw? Was it like sandstone leather, thats what I'm hoping for. I love the distressed wrinkly leathers.
  5. first of all, the color was definitely darker and u can see the brown understones.

    the leather did have the distressy look and was very soft.
  6. You've got me so excited, I can't wait!
  7. :wacko:I saw that! Ha!
  8. I have reported that thing 3 times. Why is it still there?!!
  9. :throwup::throwup:Yeah I saw that:yucky:
  10. What the.....:boxing::boxing::boxing:time to take it down!!
  11. As of late, I've noticed that there have been quite a few really bad FAKES on eBay, as well as those that have just put up *stock* photos!!! Here, eBay was on a rant a while back taking down the *real* auctions ... and yet again, they are allowing these scammers to get their CRAP in!!! Pathetic ...
  12. Haha, I reported that bag a couple of days ago. I'm no Balenciaga expert, but even I knew it was digustingly fake!
  13. I have reported it also, why are they not taking it off!!:cursing:
  14. Ebay really don't care, as long as the get more fees! Thanks so much for reporting it hun :heart::heart:
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