Fake Gauffre's on Ebay?

  1. Hi guys, i was just wondering if you guys have bought or know about gauffre's yet! i want to buy one but i want to know a little about the authenticity issues. thanks!!
  2. Come to the dark side(AKA-Prada forum...LMAO!)...mu..ha..ha..ha...

    I own 2 Gauffres and ADORE THEM! Post any authenticity questions in the Prada forum and I will be happy to help ya!
  3. Just remember that if the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. The bags retail around 2k (I think) so if you see one for between 0 and 1000, I am pretty sure it's probably fake. Just be sure to post your items in Authenticate this and someone will definitely help you out.
  4. ^yikes! totally agree. Stay away from that satan spawn!
  5. okay thanks guys, ill take that advice
  6. Got pics from someone willing to sell it. About 17" by 17". Appears to be OK, but I am no expert. Please help.
  7. ^fake!
  8. Thank you. You just saved me a bunch of money! :yes:
  9. No problem!
  10. Yes fake gauffre's already exist, so be careful. :sad: