"Fake" fur vs. Fake fur

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  1. The way I see it:

    If someone is comfortable buying real fur, they should have real fur (and not dog or cat). And if it's labelled as coyote or rabbit, it should actually be coyote or rabbit, and not dog or cat.

    If they paid for fake fur, they should get fake fur. Not dog fur labelled as fake fur.

    That's like telling somone a dish is vegan when it was made with chicken broth.

    All of it is false advertising and it's dishonest.

    People Magazine did a small feature on designers selling mislabelled clothes.

    There are ways to check if the faux fur is really faux:
    1. Pull the hair apart. (If it's real you can see the skin at the base.)
    2. Pluck a few hairs from the fur and burn them. (If it smells like burned hair, it's real.If it melts, it's faux.)
    3. Blow on the fur. (Real fur agitates very easily. Faux fur just stays stiff.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.