Fake From Saks!

  1. I ordered a gucci signoria hobo from Saks online. I received it friday, I think it is a fake! I have had several Gucci items in the past and this one just does not seem to be the same quality. The zipper is really stiff and awkward like zippers on cheap items. Also the measurements are a little off, I ordered the Large hobo and I was expecting a sizeable bag but this is really not so I measured and checked the sizes of the website and its about 1 - 1 1/2 inches off from what it is supposed to be. I called customer service and explained to them and all I got was the standard spill about we only sell authentic blah blah blah but if not satisfied with the bag I can return for a full refund following the return policy etc etc... If you cant get a real bag from a place like Saks where can you get a real bag!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG are you serious? I can't believe Saks would sell fake.
  3. Scary!!! :shocked:
  4. This is quite the significant accusation. I suggest you post some proof supporting your claim.
  5. Maybe post this in the Gucci autenticate this thread with pics of the bag and see what some of the Gucci experts say :smile:
  6. I always worry that people will purchase authentic bags from department stores and then return fakes... Ususally if it doesn't look right... I'll just pass...

    You might try taking several pictures and then posting them for authenication in the Gucci forum.
  7. ITA. I find it hard to believe that Saks would sell a fake.
  8. Good Idea about the Gucci authenticate forum! I already have it boxed up to go back tommorrow but I would like to get their opinions. Maybe they sent me the wrong size but I didnt even see a medium hobo for sale just the large and this is not the same size as the measurements they have posted online.
  9. Anyone know how to close this post and move it to the authenticate forums?
  10. Have you seen this bag in person before you purchased it online? If not, maybe this bag is just not the same quality. I would definitely try to find another of the same bag at a different store (or another Saks) and see how they compare.

    I always try to see and feel a bag first. I don't think I have ever bought a bag online that I had not seen and felt before. Too iffy..sometimes the pics make them looks so good and then you are disappointed when they arrive. Since these are not cheap items, it's an even bigger disappointment.
  11. A few of my friends work for upscale department stores. My one friend has told me on more than one occasion that a fake designer bag has been returned to her store with tags attached. They have to take it back because the tags are on. Is it possible that a fake was returned a person saw it sitting there and put it back out in stock???? Yes I think that can happen. My friends say other people come into their departments and clean up and put things out that should have stayed in the stock rooms. So to me it is very hard to feel safe unless you are seeing it in person and can inspect it top to bottom. I feel if your instincts are saying something is off there is a good possibility it is.
  12. ive actually heard of quite a few ppl receiving fake bags from saks. i guess people return their bags and send in fakes instead and keep the real ones. i read another thread on here about a girl who received 2 fake D&G bags from saks.
  13. Regarding the size of the bag, I have noticed that different sites sometimes post different measurements for the same bag. I have had to call vendors to check on the size, because of this disparity. Once, I discovered this on the designer's website and pointed it out to them!! They revised the measurements!
  14. I hope you post the bag in the authentication thread.......I would really like to know the outcome.