Fake from Fashionphile? 9 stitches?

  1. Has anyone had this experience? I did a search and far too many unrelated things came back so hope its okay to ask. I am not "sure" of course since I'm no authenticator...but I bought a camel 2.55 flap with silver hardware & caviar leather....I don't own any caviar so am not sure if its just the lack of experience there...but it just doesn't wow me...it almost feels like plastic or something as it doesn't seem to 'scratch' (not that I am trying too hard). The stitch count is 9 on average on each "square" and I know thats a sign too right?

    eeeek help! I don't think I can post for authentication in this thread (can I??) but more so worried about the idea of Fashionphile selling fakes as I just bought another one shipping tomorrow!

    help. wahh.
  2. Get it authenticated if you are worried. Fashionphile will refund your money if you can prove it's not authentic. I've bought lots from them and haven't gotten anything fake yet. Not saying it can't happen though.
  3. The reason most buy caviar is that it has been treated and therefor is difficult to scratch. That whole "10 stitch" business is outdated. Most bags I've seen have 9.
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  4. My caviar jumbo from Fashionphile also felt cheaper than I expected. I'm 100% confident it's real, but based on the price tag, I think I set my expectations really high and was expecting much higher quality material. Maybe that's why you're not feeling 100% confident in your bag. I've never had any issues with Fashionphile, but like someone else said, wouldn't hurt to have it authenticated for peace of mind.
  5. I had recently went into the Chanel store in Australia, I was curious about the Cavier Boy bag and wanted to try one on. I wouldn't buy it IMO, the leather feels really fake and plastic like, so if you have bought a bag that was produced in recent years on Fashionphile under Chanel, the bag you've bought might not be a fake but the leather might feel like it is and sadly this is where Chanel is heading. I have read a few threads on TPF about the quality of Chanel leather not being robust and their quality going down hill in comparison to either a vintage piece or a piece from 10 years ago which truly holds up if the bag is treated with care.

    It is best for you to go into a store to have a look at the quality of the bag first. If you are still interested in the bag and want to buy it on a consignment online store, you can get the bag authenticated prior to purchase from a 3rd party. All consignment sites have a policy if you do think that the bag is a fake and you want a refund there are steps for you to take. I know with Luxeit in Australia has a policy where if a purchaser finds an item to be a fake, the purchaser must have a written letter by an authenticator to describe the reasons why the product is a fake and also accompany with pictures. They will refund 100% of your money. In your case you can pay for an authenticator service to clarify for you with a detailed letter - this service would cost more than an email saying "authentic/fake"
  6. In the Chanel shopping subforum there is an 'authenticate this Chanel' thread. Look at the first and second post. Post all the necessary pictures with a link or 'log in' shot. One of the kind people on there shd respond. I don't think the number of stitches is a factor during authentication

    Caviar is sturdy and generally quite scratch resistant. Fashionphile is deemed reputable and it's unlikely they have sold u a fake. If you don't like the bag return it.
  7. I think what is throwing you off is the declining quality and craftsmanship. I get what you are saying about the bags looking cheap and almost fake. Your bag is almost certainly real but the bags today don't have the same quality as bags even a few years ago.
  8. I would get it authenticated if you are worried, however I have purchased 5 bags from Fashionphile and am very confident in their authenticity.
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  9. Chanel sued fashionphile some time ago for selling fake handbags. You can google it. This is partly why I hesitate to buy preloved items.
  10. I heard that the case was dismissed. Did they actually find that Fashionphile was selling fakes?
  11. Dismissed with prejudice. The parties settled and the terms of the settlement are sealed. We'll never know but I don't think chanel would be one to file a frivolous suit.
  12. Ahh, okay. Thanks!
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  13. Fashionphile is a big business. I'm sure a few have unfortunately slipped through the cracks at one time or another. It's not like they're some site trying to sell fakes. But that it can happen, even accidentally shows why it's important to authenticate even if you feel it's a reputable site/seller.
  14. I've never had problems with authenticity from Fashionphile. Nearly half of my Chanel collection is from them and they're authentic. I've also bought and sold other designer handbags through them w/ no issues.
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