Fake from a boutique??

  1. I just bought the Camera Sac from a Chanel boutique, but, as a Chanel virgin, I was surprised to see it is stamped Made in Italy....is this common? I didn't notice until I got it home and am too embarrassed to call the store and ask--after all, I bought it from a Chanel boutique, not some random store selling various bags. Info please from my new more seasoned friends! Thanks! :girlsigh:
  2. If you got it from a Chanel boutique, then authenticity is guaranteed. Some pieces do have Made in Italy stamped on the inside, it just depends on the piece.
  3. yup, some chanel bags are made in Italy.
  4. ^^ As above - although most Chanel is made in France, some pieces are made in Italy. It's like LV, where they can be made in France, USA or Spain. If you bought it from a boutique, it's defintely real!
  5. I only have two Chanels so far and they are both made in Italy. If it is from a boutique, it is the real deal.
  6. A lot of the Chanels are made in Italy.
  7. i asked my SA that same question. she works at S.C.P in socal. she said the made in italy stamps are machine made handbags and the made in france bags are hand made, each taking about 10-14 hours. one example of a made in france would be the luxe bowler, which she said are hand made. hope that helps!
  8. ^that's weird, my Chanel SA said she knows of 3 major brands that are all handmade and that's Chanel, Tod's and Hermes. She said all Chanels are handmade.
  9. yes ALL Chanels are handmade!!!,
  10. That seems odd considering Italian workers are better paid than French ones when it comes to artisans ? I highly doubt any Chanels are machine made .

    Italy is the most expensive place in the world to have clothing and accessories made . I don't see why they would ship to Italy to have something machine made ? If you're going to go that route , China is the answer .