fake for X-mas!!!!!!

  1. So I am visiting my family for the holiday. I was at my inlaws house opening presents and I opened one box....just to be greeted by the most horrible Coach bag you can imagine. It is the patchwork style, all the "leather" is really plastic and the C design is an O!!!!!!!
    It is seriously the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I didn't want to hurt any feelings so I acted like I loved it. They were like, "We know you love designer accessories and this bag just screamed your name."

    I am here for another 4 days & they want me to carry it around but it won't happen. What would you have done?
  2. i would tell them that i'm sorry but i can't accept this gift. it's too much to ask for.

  3. Good one! :graucho:
  4. I would donate it as soon as I got home. As for carrying it while you're still there, just make something up about how it doesn't go with what you're wearing...?
  5. Oh no!!! What an uncomfortable situation! You probably handled it better than I would have... LOL
  6. I would have done exactly what you did - thanked them and showed appreciation for the gift. If you can't stand to carry it while there, you could tell them that you'd like to save it so it'll be new when you get back home. There is really no other way to handle this situation with class. They did try to buy something with you in mind, even though they missed the mark. You may want to casually mention something a few months from now about how you prefer to choose/buy you own handbags, so as to not encourage future gifts like this.
  7. For the sake of familial harmony, I would just carry it around them for the few days. After you go home, you can toss it. Or if you think you can gently explain why you don't like the bag, and their feelings won't be hurt, you can try that.
  8. Yikes! If you have a good relationship with your in laws I'd keep it that way... I'd probably just say that I have an event coming up that it would be perfect for and I want to save it... :angel:
  9. suck it up and carry it for a few days. then donate it to someone who would appreciate it :smile:
  10. There was someone who already had this problem! It was a fake LV and the problem is: if you keep it you may get more in the future, if you don't keep it your family will be sad... it's a big dilemma.
  11. I would say thank you for the gift but definitely not use it. It's not the fact that it's a fake, it's for the simple reason that I will not use anything that I don't really like.
  12. So far, you've handled the situation in a very respectful way which is great! Ultimately, the bag itself may be a disaster, but the thought behind it is very sweet. I think it's wonderful that your in laws thought enough about you to find a bag that they thought you would love. That shows how much they care.
  13. Totally agree.

    Then, at a later time, have your husband drop several hints about how you are SO picky about your handbags and he wouldn't DARE buy one for you...etc. (if he waits to do this they won't think it is about them but they may also remember it when shopping in the future)

    Very sweet of them to try....hee hee.
  14. Try not to use it TOO much say say you don't want to get it dirty or messed up and your saving it for some other event. Then toss it when you get home.
  15. i would just say you are too scared to use it cause you dont want to get it messed up since you love it so much. then give it to charity when you get home. don't just throw it out, there is probably someone who needs a bag out there and doesn't care if it is fake or not.