Fake Fendi Story

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  1. So tonight was a night on the town with my mom and grandma. We went to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in South Florida, which is a huge place to gamble. Along with the gambling, there are quite a few shops around there- many of them are nice. So before we went, I saw online that one store sold Seven Jeans and Juicy. When we were walking around we saw the store so I went in with my mom and grandma. Right when we walked in there was this AWFUL Spy replica, it was red 'leather' with some sort of wanna-be embossed croc on the handle. My mom just glanced and said, "Oh look, it is your bag". Well then the SA says "It is a Fendi Spy Bag". So I just kind of stand there in shock and my mom asks me why do you look stunned- and I told her, "Mom that is the worst replica ever". So before I had a chance to do anything, my mom walks over and says to the SA, "It is SUPPOSED to look like a Spy, but is not one correct? Because you said it is a Fendi, but clearly it is not". Best part is then the lady says, "Well yes, a Fendi is $1400". I looked at my mom and just shook my head. And to top it all off, the two SA began speaking Spanish to eachother right after. It was awful... we just left and I could not believe the SA actually said the bag was a Spy!!!!!! :evil:

    I did win $75 on my last slot machine!! :biggrin:
  2. ew. those two SAs knew they were caught with a fake. You should have said, " NO a REAL FENDI spy costs $2200." then, flip your hair over your shoulder and walk off.
  3. I was carying my Wapity tonight and I was soooo angry I did not have my Spy to show off! I just couldn't beleive she tried to say the bag was a Fendi!!!!!
  4. The sad thing is most people would have believed her.
  5. yes, yes, yes!!!

    Megs, I agree, too bad you weren't sporting your authentic Spy!
  6. Congrats on winning the $75.00 !
  7. You should have use your wapity and wack them silly with it! :evil:
  8. WACKity!!!
  9. i like this plan!
  10. LOL. That was too good, I had to repost.

    Megs -- So they're selling fakes in RL stores too?


    I'm going to be paranoid for life now!

    Sorry, I'm slow :/ Just so I'm understanding this right -- it was a fake Fendi? Like it had Fendi imprinted somewhere on it? It wasn't just a look alike that the SA was trying to sell you on?
  11. Just curious, but how much were they trying to sell the fake for?
  12. That sucks. I hope no one buys it. Congrats on your win though!
  13. Wow. Scammers suck.

    Congrats on your winnings!
  14. So agree ! I bet they knew you had one sitting at home in your closet. ;)
  15. Ugh. Some poor people would actually think they're getting a deal and buy it.