Fake Fendi Spy Bag at Marshalls

  1. I went to Marshalls tonight to return some clothes and decided to look at the handbags while I was there. I saw this big red bag that looked like a spy bag. I picked it up and it had Fendi Made in Italy written across the top flap. I was like this is fake. This looks so cheap. I then looked at all the hardware no fendi stamps or anything. Inside the bag I was looking around to see what I would find in terms of Fendi markings. I saw Fendi made in italy stamped in the leather above a zippered pocket. Nothing on zipper. No holograms or anything then.... I find at the bottom side of the interior this white little tag said made in china !!! :tdown:
  2. Oh Boohoo!!! That is awful!!! I get appalled shopping from time to time at the number of fakes out there. No one else seems to care which is appalling to me.
  3. that's just gross, they need to get that off the shelves.
  4. :wtf:
  5. Weird! All I've ever seen were Tommy, Liz Claiborne, etc...I'll have to look again next time I go...
  6. I brought this purse to the manager and told her it was fake. It had a price tag on it that was not the original so it was possibly a return. She said she does not remember the bag ever being in the store so she thought it was a return. When I was leaving she was looking through the records and I heard her say something to another associate . Something like do not let this customer return anything else. I know she returned this becuase everything she returns has the same smell. (Whatever that means). So maybe a this customer pulled a fast one on them.
  7. That is so bad! I cant believe the dishonest people out there that would do something like that.
  8. Wow how did they not know! It sounds like a horrible fake!
  9. yeah, seriously... spys don't even have zippers! i wonder what the bag was that the person had bought initially? i would be somewhat surprised if it were a real spy. kudos to you for bringing it to the store's attention, and to them for taking you seriously.
  10. ^^ITA :tup:
  11. Curious, what was the price on it? I didn't think Marshalls sold pricy bags to begin with?
  12. It was 129.00. They do not usually sell fendis or premium designer bags thats why it caught my attention.. seeing this big red spy looking bag. I have seen Coach Dooney Micheal Kors Donald Pliner juicy and a few others about 1/2 off of retail but nothing like fendi Gucci etc...
  13. Wow, and it even had the fendi name on it. Thats pretty bad! Good catch!