FAKE Fendi Bag Bug from TheRealReal


Nov 16, 2013
Saw this today on @socal_mom_'s page on Instagram. This is why I stopped buying designer goods from non-authorized resellers!



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Dec 15, 2016
I was trying to consign my 18k gold ring purchased from a museum gift shop as part of the king tut exhibit. The stone actually was remnant material from the tomb that was placed in the gold bezel. When I purchased the ring it came with a notarized copy antiquity. I was trying to consign with TRR since they claim to specialize in upscale pieces. Chris Lushen requested the certificate but, I realize I was a fool to trust sendIngram this in. A MARSHALL signed for the package. They offered me a low ball price of less than 100 dollers. I declined the sale. Got my ring back without my original box and would you believe they lost they certificate. No certificare was sent back to me. Since then they've asked me for receipts which I provid ed. Waited over a week and now they want photos. How can they demand I send anything when they list my stuff. away from this site at all costs. Careless employees and bad customer service