Fake. fake fake bags web site

  1. Guys you've got to check this mess of a web site out. xxxxxxxxxx It makes me want to throw up as it's just plain insulting. They use up a pages of text "educating" the consumer
    about the value of high quality designer bags and the history of the houses; yet you can purchase a multicolor speedy for $299 because they get theirs wholesale.:cursing: Plus, celebrities even shop from them as no one pays full price for a bag that could be your rent for 6 months. :hysteric: These kind of sites burn me up. Does anyone know how can they be shut down?

    links to known retailers of fakes are not permitted, no need to give them free advertising!
  2. Ugh.:yucky: What bull!!:cursing:

    The only way around it is to report the site to the rights owner(s), and/or to your trading standards department.
  3. I don't think links are allowed on here but u can just call the brands they work for and report them. :biggrin:
  4. groooooooooosssssssss.
  5. As I always say to my daughter "Fakefakefakefake":sick:
  6. Gross.
  7. I don't think you can provide the links, but you can report them to the company, and the FBI I think.
  8. I agree, providing the link is not a good idea.
  9. UGG..just gross. I feel so badly for the poorly informed consumer thinking they are getting the real deal:push: .
  10. Yeah I am freaked out by this as well!
    It's just sooooo ridiculous, and of course there will be people who mistake the bags for "a good deal".
    Also, at $299 per bag, this site is making a HUGE profit. Just disgusting!
  11. wow unlike ehandbagz they actually claim to be 100% authentic. Report!
  12. Well, the administrative contact is in Canada, but since the technical contact, prostores.com, is in Florida, you might want to dig around a little more, but just running a whois does give the impression that the site might reside on a US server, in which case it would be subject to US trademark laws, if you can demonstrate that they are selling fraudulently labelled merchandise.

    However, if it tuens out that prostores is buying space from a company outside the US, your goal of "shutting the site down" might run into some additional obstacles, depending on the laws in the country where the server resides. Or where it might begin residing should it have any problems residing in Florida :smile:

    I think the people who have suggested that you contact the companies whose trademarks may be being infringed is a great idea.

    For one thing, it will be good if they do the legwork instead of you, in terms of investigating, and they are the best ones to decide whether they wish to take any action, and if so, what, and there may be legal stuff that would require that any sort of action be initiated by them!