Fake Eyelashes

  1. Do any of you girls ever wear fake lashes?

    The strip works pretty well for me but just now I tried to put on individual lashes. I don't get it, are they supposed to stick to your lashline? Because my fake individual ones get stuck wtih the other lashes and doesn't really make it to the base of my lashline. Oh well, they look okay, hopefully they don't fall out.

    I'm taking a test run so I can wear them on a date... but how disasterous if I blinked and one fell into my water glass or something! LOL
  2. LOL! I am sure they will look great, but smart to do a test run! I don't wear lashes so I have no helpful advice other than to stop by a cosmetic counter (who sells lashes) and see if they have any helpful tips. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  3. I haven't tried them....but I'm very curious to! Did you ever have probs with the strip type? Let us know how it works. I too would be scared that one of the singles would go flying off lol.
  4. QUOTE=IntlSet]... but how disasterous if I blinked and one fell into my water glass or something! LOL[/QUOTE] :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I've tried the strip kind-- you can go to a MAC counter and they will put them on for you- (after you purchase them from MAC only)
  5. Daz the thing that's im always worry a/b. Fake eyelashes fall off in the middle of something (i.e. a date, or you are in the middile of a wedding) However, i'd like to try it once.
  6. My cousin's gf gets her fake lashes professionally done at a salon for about $50. I heard it works wonder and it last her about 2 months. You might want to look into that.
  7. Cool!!! I need that for my wedding!!
  8. oh man. I've worn them once! I bought them at sephora, and they had the CUTEST glittery strip at the base of the lashes.

    ohmygosh, I had soooo much difficulty with the glue!!! Once I finally got it right they looked absolutely wonderful, but seriously, so hard to put on! lol. and I'm always paranoid that I'll be talking and Ill blink to hard or something, lol.
  9. I've never worn the individual ones, I had them put on me before and they look really good.

    I wear fake lashes all the time when we go out. I have ones from MAC (I asked for the most natural looking ones) but they still looked obviously fake since they are so full and I have wimpy lashes.

    But then I bought some that are like 18 in a pack in asia, and they are thinner and look REAL, I have them in two lengths both believeable. They are disposable so I just throw them away afterwards and not have to fuss about bending them or cleaning them.

    I always remember some show where the girl loses her fake lashes in soup. NO, it has never happened to me. The worst is that one started lifting (in the corner at my reunion). Just make sure to take some glue with you and a toothpick. It will never JUST PLOP OFF, never happened to me that is, I guess it could but I highly doubt it. What happens is the corners start lifting off first. Or the center if you didn't use enough glue. Point is, you will feel it before it just FALLS off. NO one else will notice. It will start poking you and you will know. Just go to the bathroom then, put glue on the toothpick and touch it up. Vwala! FIXED.

    It took me a few times to really mastered it, here is the trick I learned when putting it on. Put a good amount on the edge of the lashes, BLOW the glue a little so it is ALMOST dry (that's the secret) So when touches your lids, it will be dry and stick. Before I was putting it on while the glue was wet and I would have to hold it there and try not to move or blink while it dries, never worked out right. They make a huge different in pictures! :smile: MUY BONITA! Well, especially for me since I have sad lashes!! I'd add photos but I don't know how...

    Give it a try and let me know how it goes! We'll wanna see pics! :smile:
  10. I've never tried to wear them...
  11. For those of you who tried the MAC ones, how long do they usually last? I want to try it for a while, but am afraid that I won't do it right and embarrass myself... the MAC personnel sounds professional enough to make sure they stay on...
  12. I have eyelash extensions
  13. I learned how to do them in cosmetology school,and I often pull out the individual ones for special nights out. First,don't rely on them to be self stick-buy the liquid lash adhesive.Get a tiny bit of aluminum foil and put a pea sized amount of the adhesive on it,and use a toothpick to get a tiny bit and put it on the bulb at the end.The key is to stick them to the skin right where the lash grows out-almost sticking them to the lashes-and don't move them until they dry unless you need to adjust. Then,once you are done,curl your lashes and lock it all together with mascara. Practice it and get good at it,and you will look like you have amazing lashes naturally. Good luck and PM me if you have any questions!
  14. Yes, I have worn them and they look amazing! Definitely practice!!!!!
  15. Are you talking about eyelash extensions? I've never heard of it costing under $250 or lasting for more than 3 weeks tops.

    Where did your cousin get her's done?