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  1. I am all for improving the way you look with makeup, perhaps tips ( on your nails if you bite them or have very short nails), get extensions(in your hair) but it has to be done minimally and it has to look natural. I personally don't do any of the above but I don't hold a grudge against people that do.

    I was eating lunch with my bf today and I lady walks in. FAKE LV bag, Fake hair that doesn't look natural but looks like a skunk died on her head and there is an obvious difference between her hair and the fake. Fake nails half chipped off, half grown out and they look horrible. Fake Chanel glasses and under those fake frames she had contacts that were very bright blue( didn't look natural because she is dark skinned, maybe hispanic or indian, not sure of her nationality).

    This bothers me because I think there is a fine line between improving yourself and ruining your look to look like someone you are not. Your opinions...
  2. Sounds like a very sad individual. Probably has a very distorted view of herself, kinda' like an anorexic thinks they're fat - she might think she looks hot.
  3. that's sad. I don't dye my hair, don't have hair extension (don't need to becuase it grows like crazy), don't have fake nails, don't do fake bake. I have nothing against others who do that but I agree there is fine line between improving and ruining it. I guess the person try to change who she is.
  4. Personally, I don't do fake anything. My hair is short and I like it that way. I keep my nails short. I like my big brown eyes and have no intentions on changing the color. Plus, I happen to be married to a man that HATES fake ANYTHING on a woman (not including make up). He has joked to me that if I came home with hair extensions, colored contacts or a boob job (don't need one - I'm just saying), he'd divorce me. I wouldn't blame him.
  5. its women like that who give enhancements a bad name. as with most things, the key is moderation.

    that said, i am fake to the tilt. fake blond, fake nails (sometimes...my real nails split), fake tan (when i do want color, its only airbrush...deathly afraid of cancer). i will have a breast lift after i finish having babies and probably a tummy tuck too. i'll botox if i can afford it. i think the key is upkeep and stay minimal. i am always early to schedule fills and touchups...any sort of roots or grow out bug me. i also think it's important to make the color/nails/tan/whatever as close to reality as possible. if you are a black woman, you shouldn't be blonde. if you are naturally very pale, you shouldn't look east indian after tanning. fire engine red hair does not occur in nature. whites of your nails do not start halfway down your nail bed. you get the idea. :smile:
  6. I dye my hair. Every few months, I whip out the new box of Loreal. The gray strands bother me. I started going gray in my mid-twenties, and it doesn't look very nice at all. I wasn't much for wearing makeup, but I've gotten hooked on the Bare Escentuals line, and you know what? I do feel better when wearing it, and it doesn't take all that long, so what the hell?

    I do have the draw the line at fake handbags.... Can't afford the really pricey ones, but do now have two LVs that I love.... Was in a consignment store today that sold obvious fakes.... They were good enought to write "copy" on the tags. While I was there, they guy who supplies these counterfeits came in with more. I was quite mortified, standing there with my Damier Salsa while my friend was trying on shirts in the dressing room. Listening to this yutz selling this junk to these ladies. Who bought this junk. Next week he is getting some lovely "Coach" bags. *sigh* I just wanted to leave.... :sad2:
  7. I dye my hair, but only because I hate grey hair. I usually don't go past 1-2 shades lighter than my natural color. I have had highlights, but not right now. I find my hair looks best close to natural.
    I had blue contacts for a while, but I don't really like them anymore. It was a fad for a while.
    I still get acrylic on my nails, but I try to keep them short and natural. I just have weak nails.
  8. I don't do anything either. No make-up or anything, just curl my lashes and off I go. I went to college with a nice girl that wore make-up everyday to class and I didn't know how much make-up she actually wore until one day I saw her without any make-up on and didn't recognize her. I didn't want to be like that. Make-up for me accentuates but not completely paint a face.
  9. i don't do anything. i've worn acrylics a few times in the past but for special occasions. other than that i don't wear extensions, fake lashes, i don't dye my hair, etc. i do wear makeup though. only when i go out for the evening with DH but that's about it. i know some girls who do wear fakes to accentuate their features and it looks good on them. nothing out of the norm though. i think i'd freak if i saw one of my asian friends wearing blue contacts.
  10. I rarely wear makeup, and never a whole face of it.
    all fake is so pathetic. maybe that lady was like a hooker?
  11. I dye my hair, wear makeup. My nails grow so fast and sometimes I get lazy and dont trim them and they start to look fake. I have colored contacts, theyre this crazy green color. But I wear them because they look so unreal. Wouldnt try to pass them off as my own or anything.
  12. i hilight my hair and i'm thinking about trying tanning (i'm a tad pale). i don't wear makeup (although i think i'm going to get some this weekend - it's about time i become a grownup!), i don't get acrylics anymore, and i've never had colored contacts or extensions. to me, it's important to make the distinction between enhancement and complete change. trying to morph yourself into a different person is noooooot emotionally healthy.
  13. That's just disturbing! I work at a Casino, and I see all sorts of people like that time in, and time out. It just makes me wonder.
  14. I keep my asian hair a natural dark brown/black, never grow my nails out! hehe...i like to keep them short as possible (hate it when things get under the nails, it bugs me to death!). I do get my toes pedicured though, but that is just basic maintenance. i only wear makeup when I go out with friends, but other than that I am totally bare (and look absolutely horrible by the way). Used to go tanning, but not anymore (have a pool to tan out at nowadays) The only fake thing about me is probably my rack! lol
  15. I have nothing against girls who want to enhance the way they look, because if it makes them feel better, then great! however there's definately a fine line between improving, and tacky. Some people definately go overboard, and 9 times out of 10 that girl would look so much better au naturale.

    The only thing I do is colour my hair. I used to do gel nails when I was younger, but havent in years and no longer care for them, for myself. That's it for me.
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