Fake Ergo found at Ross/Marshall's

  1. if it says nice west then it isnt a fake! it is a copy maybe or an inspired by, but I would definantly not call it fake unless it says coach/goach or has the C's. or trys to trick us into thinking its coach.... it doesnt appear to be trying to deceive anyone
  2. Tommy Hilfiger has totes like this that basically look exactly like the coach ergo totes !
  3. definitely not considered a fake
  4. this is a fake ergo:sick::throwup:
    fake ass coach.jpg
  5. umm it says Nine West and no where do I see that it is trying to be a Coach.
  6. I saw those at Ross in white and immediately thought of the Coach ergo. However, it is nine west, it doesn't say Coach so its not a fake but perhaps nine west was inspired by coach lol. I don't think they were leather, they smelled plastic-like.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't call that a fake either...

    but this (which I saw at TJ Maxx) is a fake:

  8. Call me crazy, but I do like the cursive Coach signature in there. It's pretty.
  9. i love nine west bags...i dont think this is a fake coach, considering they do not have anything to do with coach logos or anything like that..
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    I agree it is pretty writing :tup:
  11. I feel bad for the person that bought that tote at TJ Maxx, they probably had no idea it is fake.
  12. yeah its not a fake. its a just inspired by coach's design. but the other posters fake pics are horrible. the fake tote is nasty! but i do agree about the coach script on the other purse, looks kinda neat.
  13. OMG! I had no idea they sold fakes at places like TJ Maxx too!!?? It's expensive as well! That's awful. Not shopping there ever.
  14. TJ Maxx doesn't sell fakes. TJ Maxx sell authentic items.

    What does happen a lot is that people return fakes, while keeping the authentic items. That is what happened at Kristin's store.

    All they have to do is switch the tags and most SAs won't question the return since they put the TJ Maxx tag on it. Most SAs won't even realize the difference.

    This also occurs at department stores and other secondary retailers. It's NOT just TJ Maxx.

    It's always good to be cautious whenever you buy a bag that is not directly from Coach.

    I can't believe people are such scammers! :cursing: