Fake Epi Speedy for 500$...

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  1. I feel sorry for the winning bidder.
  2. My first thought is "Sucker!" for the person that wins that since that is a bad fake, but then my compassionate side kicks in because they are getting screwed (pardon the phrase!)

    It astounds me that Ebay doesn't cancel this type of auction but then occasionally cancels authentic handbag auctions!
  3. Seriously, PF should form a "Fake Police Squad/Club" and help these poor suckers...
  4. Is it just me or had it not been the fatal hang-tags, epis fakes are harder to detect than the other lines? (like monograms, MC, etc.)

    Another reason to stay away from ebay. :sad:
  5. ebay will only cancels the auction IF there is no bid.. If there are bids and if the price is high enough, ebay won't cancel at all!!
  6. Are you serious? That is simply rediculous. That makes me even further disappointed in Ebay.