Fake enounter...almost lost my cool.

  1. I was at an appointment today, walked in, and saw a marron city slung on the couch. :wtf: I never see Bal's up close, so I was uber-excited, waiting for the wife of my friend to come back in. It had to be her purse! I actually grabbed it in my excitement (big no no, but I was really bowled over to see it).

    Luckily, I was still alone when the [​IMG] bale popped out! I mean I've seen fake bales online, but in person, its really ridiculous![​IMG]

    So, I managed to put her bag back down right before she breezed in the room. She saw me looking at it though, no covering that up.

    Me: "We have similar taste in bags!'
    Her: " Yeah, I had to have one...my hubby and I searched for it on eBay!"

    I didn't have the nerve to ask what she paid, or tell her it was fake. I kinda feel bad, but she's not a close friend. I just couldn't do it.:s

    I have wondered why people don't tell others all the time when they spot a fake...now I know.
  2. Aw. I hate it when that happens. When some poor person unknowingly buys a fake bag on eBay. I wouldn't have the heart to tell them either.
  3. I understand excactly what you mean.. had the same problem with a friend, and I just felt so bad! One thing is if they buy a fake on purpose, but if they've paid full-price - is it better for them not to know?

    Is ignorance bliss?
  4. oh, what a difficult situation... If she was looking for a real one, it would break he heart to find out she paid for a fakeroo!!!
  5. Personally, I would want to know if mine was fake. The news would have to be broken in the nicest & most sympathetic way possible because there is no telling what emotions I would be feeling at that point. But I'd rather know than be the fool carrying a fake bag that I thought was real. And if she did know it was fake, shame on her, that's stealing!
  6. Whoa!! Tough one. Would have broken her heart for sure. Thank God for LP, she definitely saved me from that horrible experience!

    I'm actually battling whether I should contact the winning bidders of fake Bbags on eBay to save them from a fake purchase in case they thought they were buying a true beauty...
  7. I didn't know how to ask if she meant to buy a fake. :crybaby:
  8. eBay should hire LP to spot fake on eBay, kick the faker out!:cursing:
  9. some people LIKE fake bags. I guess they think no one will notice. I keep my mouth shut and laugh at them behind their back though.....
  10. awww... i wouldn't know what to say. i meand i have a friend who had some fake balenciaga, but it's because she can't affrond the real one yet, and i don't blame her for that. and she know that it's fake so she don't pay a lot.
    but if your friend's wife want a real one and don't realize it's fake, it's so sad :crybaby:

    maybe if i were you, i would point her to LP's site and just said that there is a great blog about balenciaga bags, and if she like balenciaga a lot, she should see this site.
    and that there's an awfully lots of fake b bags on sale at ebay at very high price, that she should be really careful
    so you don't exactly point her that it's a fake, but let her find out her own on LP's site.
  11. LOL

    I think it comes down to the fact, that if you pay less than a certain price - then its not real...

    If it seems to good to be true - then it probably IS!
  12. PERFECT advice seahorse. :yes:
  13. thank u powder :shame:
  14. On the inside I chuckle when I see the fake bags. But at the same time I feel bad for the person. Don't know if they got ripped off on Ebay or they just couldn't affor a real one. What girl doesn't want a taste of a luxury handbag? I wouldn't have the heart to point out a fake bag to the bag's owner.
  15. I almost bought a fake on ebay. I was sure it was authentic, esp. b/c it had been used. I asked a friend before and she told me it was fake. Lucky me cause I think that bag went up to about $800... $800 for a fake USED Balenciaga.

    Some people just really don't know. I wouldn't, which is why I just stayed away from ebay after that and just ordered from BalNY.

    I feel very badly for those who spend alot on a fake bag & are soo happy to finally recieve a "Balenciaga".