Fake engagement ring for travel...help me choose

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm trying to find an alternative for my engagement ring to wear while traveling.

    The first pic below is my actual ring, and the other two are fakes that's I'm trying out.

    One issue I am having is that my ring size is 5.5 and most fake rings come in whole sizes only. Do you know of good fake rings that come on half sizes? Most jewelers will not resize a CZ ring, or at least that's my experience.

    These are from QVC.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460653426.366042.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460653442.051243.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460653455.775615.jpg
  2. I like the "first" fake. Very pretty. Jewelers will only resize rings that are solid metal like solid gold or sterling. They won't resize a ring that is a composite or is dipped in say rhodium or is gold coated. Some of the QVC CZ rings are dipped in platinum or are gold coated which is why a Jeweler won't resize them. If you want to resize the ring you need to look for one in solid sterling. I've never had a problem getting sterling rings resized. You might try Overstock. Some gals have had good luck finding traveling CZ rings there.
  3. I like the first "fake." Enjoy your trip!
  4. I like the first fake as well. If you can find a jeweler who will size a ring that has been rhodium plated, you would need to have the area rhodium plated again. Will add to the cost of the sizing if you find a jeweler willing to do it.
  5. If it's just half a size, try putting several coats of clear nail polish on the inside of the ring. Have fun on your holiday. Both settings look great.
  6. The nail polish is a really good idea! Yeah, for half a size I wouldn't bother sizing down a ring. Jewelers around here charge about $50-$60 to resize a ring, some a lot more. One might as well put the money instead toward a solid gold CZ ring. I bet a few coats of nail polish inside the band would do the trick.
  7. I like the second one :smile:
  8. I like the 2nd fake one. The first is too prong-y IMO.
  9. I really like the second one. Have a great time on your trip. Your real ring is stunning, btw!
  10. Second one for sure! Very Tiffany!

  11. Thank you! I gravitate towards the second but for some reason it get dirty cloudy quickly. Weird.

  12. The first one, the band is 14k and could be sized. I actually looks the most "real". I've always wanted a classic Tiffany setting so I might just pull the trigger on that one.
  13. Many family or small jewelers have a "pre loved" section with some nice options for a travel ring. Often if you purchase from them sizing is included.
    My mother has several travel rings she gets from Macy's.
    I wear a plain band.
    Best of luck.
  14. I'd really consider if even getting one is the right thing. Many people do this but I don't understand the reasoning. If it's because they fear losing their expensive ring when traveling to safe places, then by all means, it's a great idea and great fun. However, I've seen people talk about traveling to risky places and wanting a fake. That still puts them at risk of being mugged, a target, etc so I never thought that was a good idea. I like the idea of just wearing a plain or tiny diamond band to travel. That's just me. Your real set is very pretty!
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  15. I like the first fake.
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