Fake DVF dress

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  1. I'm so disappointed. I just bought a DVF dress from a seller on ebay and the dress was delivered yesterday and it's fake. It's missing the correct DVF label and side tag and it's not silk. I emailed the seller and told her I was very upset and I would not have paid $180 if I had known this dress was not authentic. She emailed me back and said I cannot return the dress and says it's not fake. What do I do now?
  2. You can open up a SNAD (significantly not as described) dispute with Ebay, they may then tell you to open one up with paypal ( as far as i know )
  3. I would definetly file SNAD!
  4. Snad!!!!

    I would also escalate the claim right away.
  5. Evidently she does not realize that if she takes PP, she takes returns. Open the SNAD now.

    They will have you return on your dime, so make sure to get delivery confirmation, preferably signature confirmation. Also insure it.
  6. I had no idea until I read this that DVF was being faked. I went upstairs and checked the label on some of the DVF pieces I have--some a vintage wrap dress from my mom and a blouse I bought recently at Nordstrom Rack. The dress didn't have the holographic tag, but the newer blouse did. Now at least I know to look for it. I'm sorry this happened to you OP, but thank you for sharing the experience so the rest of us can learn from it--clearly, EVERYTHING is being faked today!
  7. I appreciate your advice. I did open a SNAD with paypal and I escalated it. I just got off the phone with PP CS and they told me I might need a letter from DVF to prove that it's not authentic. I can't believe this. Do I need to bring the dress into Neiman Marcus or Saks and have one of their SA's in the DVF dept write a letter to document that this dress is an obvious fake. There is no DVF store close to where I live.
  8. ^^ More than likely DVF or any store will not write a letter stating authenticity/inauthenticity. You might send Carol Diva an email asking if she can authenticate DVF and then call PP and check that they'll accept Carol's letter for this case.

    The likelihood you'll be able to get a letter this way is much better than trying to get one from the stores.
  9. Thank you Speedah for your advice. That's what I was afraid of. I will email CarolDiva and see if she can help me out.
  10. ^^ Paypal should know that the stores won't do it- they never have for bags, shoes, etc.. :rolleyes:

    Good luck and hope it works out. :yes:
  11. Thank you.
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    Here are more fake DVF dresses. The colors, print and the inside tag is all wrong. No DVF inside label says 100% silk jersey. It should only say 100% silk. Here's the link to one of the two fake DVF dresses she has listed now.

    Here's another one. The blue is all wrong. It's supposed to be Navy blue and this dress retails for $345.00.
  13. ^^^ You need to report these listings to EBAY with the "REPORT THIS ITEM" button that is found in the upper half of each listing. You should point out what parts are incorrect as well.
  14. You information and seller/buyer ID do not go to the person that you are reporting, just to Ebay. However, it will help your case, and EBay's fraud dept as well, if you are able to provide specifics about what is wrong with the item.
  15. I went to report them and these two dresses have ended already. I guess someone already bought them and they thought they were getting a good deal. Can I still report them?