Fake? Discontinued?

  1. Hey ya'll!

    So I have a question . . . Today I saw a friend who was carrying a bag I've never seen before. It reminds me of a Cabas, but the vachetta straps go all the way down the bag, and the bottom isn't vachetta, it's monogram. But there is piping separating the bottom of the bag in the same shape that the vachetta would be on a Cabas. And then I just saw a woman on TV carrying the same bag. That doesn't necessarily mean it's real, but she was plunking down $15k on plastic surgery, so I don't think money would keep her from buying authentic. ;)
  2. Not quite - there is no vachetta, not even the strip, on the bottom, but rather very thin vachetta piping (like on a Speedy) that traces the shape like on a Cabas (it goes up like triangles on the side of the bag.)
  3. aha- I think I found it :biggrin:
    The Sac Flanerie- discontinued in the mid-90's, I believe. The pic is of the GM model- it's on my wishlist :girlsigh:
    gbvftvbhtfhgbf.jpg 20176.jpg
  4. Getting closer, but not quite. :smile:

    Basically, imagine the Cabas Piano . . . but the straps go all the way down . . . and the vachette on the bottom is JUST piping around a piece of monogram. Same exact shape, but just an outline. I'll try and mock up an image on my computer when I have a second. It's possibly not a real bag, just thought it was strange to see the exact same (possible) fake two times in two totally different areas in like two hours.
  5. Here's a really, really rough sketch:
  6. It's a Sac Shopping. I have one, let me find a picture.

    OK, here you go, my Globe Shopper GM is on the right.

  7. Oh yeah, it totally sounds like the Sac Shopping! I Love that bag!
  8. It's gotta be the Sac Shopping - my mom has that bag!
  9. Boots! That's the one.

    Good to know - didn't want to have to live with the knowledge that such a classy lady was carrying a big fat fake. :smile: