Fake David Yurman?

  1. Thanks you, Purse Addiction!
  2. Fake? I don't know but when I questioned a large volume eBay store about having so many of the same pieces I was told they were "resale not retail." When I questioned again about all of the pieces that were listed as "new" I was told they would block me from their site (and they did!!). I say "buyer beware."

    If a web site has multiples of the same piece this is a red flag. If they're defensive look out! Reputable sellers are direct and want to encourage good relationships with potential buyers. While I've not been victimized or seen any fakes, I'm told that there are some really good ones out there . . .

    Good luck -
  3. don't know about this particular seller but Yurman is absolutely faked. I have seen fake braceletes and rings.

    If in doubt,don't buy it.
  4. Some have had great experiences w/ ebay and DY but I wouldn't get near it with a 10 ft pole. I would always be wondering if what I got was real. I buy directly from a local jeweler who carries DY.
  5. I'd avoid this place at all costs based on the thread above. I would, however, look for people just selling off individual pieces.