fake date code??

  1. I am still trying to learn about fake lv's. Is this date code a fake? M42516. I understand a code like SD0306 (march of 06) but have seen other ones like the one I listed and I just don't get it??​
  2. M42516, yes it is fake..sometime fake put model number as a date code..
  3. M42516. this more like a model number.
    SD0306 (march of 06) this is a date code
  4. Maybe I'm wrong but SD0306 doesn't make sense. From reading the threads about date codes, you take the first and third number for the month, second and fourth for the year. Isn't that right?
  5. That's correct Texas.So if I'm not mistaken 0306 would been it was made in month 0 year: 2036 LOL
  6. hahah you caught it!!
    yeah it should be SD0036 for march of 06
  7. See, I am very tricky!! Thanks for your help, one minute I think I've got it and the next I am baffled again! :smile:
  8. The one beginning with an M is in fact a model number not a date code.
  9. Hi,
    Sorry to but in but does CA1918 makes sense (Nov 98) for an epi agenda?
  10. valby: Yes, it sounds ok. ;)
  11. Thanks :smile: