fake damier ...or not?

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  1. Today i was shopping at peel in montreal,and i saw a young guy(20ish) who had a damier Ribera GM.
    But the thing is im realy not sure if it was a fake or not.The same with other damier pieces i see sometimes.
    What do you think?
    Is it easy to spot a fake damier piece or not?:confused1:
    ...especialy a damier speedy...???
  2. Damier is just as easily faked as Monogram Canvas. Quite sad actually. :sad:
  3. But i agree on coco.. I think a fake damier pattern might not be as noticeable... because there's less things to go wrong on...?

  4. Fake Damier Canvas is usually shiny-er on noticeable fakes...
  5. Yeah...people who own damier bags can say that...but they are rarely seen so you cant easily see the details as a monogram bag..
  6. out of curiosity, i googled mirror damier and got a site that has interior photos of their bags. i looked up bags i own (as they were best points of reference) and i was horrified at how 'good' the fakes were. (embossed date codes, hardware, etc.) caveat emptor!
  7. ^ Isn't it likely that they just took pics of a real bag and then send a fake if you order? That's what I always figured they did.
  8. ^^^^ That's called "bait and switch". Fakers/scammers take pics of real bags and send you a fake. :yucky:
  9. Damier isn't faked as much as monogram canvas (thank god) but when they are faked it's a dead giveaway. It might be harder to see it in pictures due to the flash obscuring the details, but once you see it in person it's so obvious :yucky:
    The tan squares look orange-y while the darker squares are too dark. They don't show the bit of tan background underneath the dark checker, instead they are just colored in all in one dark brown shade, if that makes sense. If you own a damier piece you can study the checkerboard and see that the dark squares are not one dark filled in shade. I also noticed that the outside stitching will sometimes look awkward, instead of using the orange thread they probably use dark brown or something.
    Don't fall for the sellers that use pictures that look accurate... they are gonna pull the old bait and switch on you.