fake damier azur

  1. saw one today :sad:
  2. r u sure, omg ... arent they fast ...
  3. Wow--that's fast! How could you tell it was fake, i.e., what did it look like?
  4. i saw two on eBay today !! made me very sad...will go find the links
    they had those hangy tags aswell >_<
  5. That really is horrible. The hanging tags are the worst!
  6. :crybaby: It's so disappointing.
  7. Eww.
  8. Ugh, I feel bad for the person who won it, and their ID was kept private!!
  9. :sad: that's really disappointing! I was hoping it would be awhile and now the authenticity of these bags will be questioned just like mono! This stinks....

  10. Was this in manila? I was there last year and yeah, tons of fakes. There's that one LV store in G4, but it's well-loved I hear.
  11. It's e-Bay for god sake,nothing being sold there shocks me:roflmfao: .In fact UK.sellers are some of the worst sellers when it relates to fakes :lol: .