fake coco cabas everywhere in nyc

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  1. i think i saw at least 5 of them this past week, both in black and white. they sell them on the streets here in nyc. and they even have the double Cs! :wtf:
  2. ^DITTO... it's unreal. everyone and their mother had one on the subway this morning...:tdown:
  3. That's enough to turn me off buying one... when it comes out again, in the fall. Could you tell if they were Cabas 'style' or were they trying to look like the real thing?

    Would you buy a Cabas now, knowing that there are fakes everywhere? Like the Cambon?
  4. it looks kind of like the real thing to be honest. and yes it's a HUGE turn off, especially since I see it everywhere.
  5. Wow!! I have never seen one!! (and hope not to!)
  6. That sucks! :tdown:
  7. Yes! One of my co-workers has one. When I first saw it, I definitely thought it was an authentic vinyl one. And then on further inspection, it wasn't. But ever since I saw it, I've been obsessed with getting one though. An authentic one, of course!
  8. Speaking of fakes has anyone posted a thread for just posting pictures of really tacky Chanel fakes?

    It would be entertaining to say the least - I have seen some horrible bags.

    Or it that not allowed? We could black bar the faces like Glamour magazine. hahaha.
  9. It's also happening here in Hong Kong! :/ Since Coco Cabas is very hard to find here...
  10. Yep, because having the real bag is different. The leather is softer. And you know you're bag is real. That's what matters to me. :yes:
  11. It just goes to show how in demand the Cabas is, and how hard it is to get.

    I'm happy I know I carry the real thing, and really don't care if someone else is carrying a fake or a copy. I don't carry my bags for their exclusivity, I carry them because they enhance my style.
  12. i've seen cabas fakes in abundance since last year, there were tons of inspired copies and then there were also a gazillion fakes (i.e. not just inspired, but full-on replicas)-- but all of these looked nothing quite like the real deal.
  13. Sounds like the Cambon line all over again. Those are so often faked. I've seen the coco cabas faked even in retail stores. They just have another emblem similar to a CC such as two complete O's hanging off the bag which makes it an "inspired bag". Yuk.
  14. I've definitely seen fakes since last year, too!!! Especially in NY.....

    The Fakes W/ The Cambon Were....Are Sooo Horrible!!!!....That was big knockoff nightmare!!!!!!!

    Of course, all fakes are yucky. If you have the authentic ~ that's all that matters...be proud of your beautiful bag!;)
  15. yeah, i've seen it a lot too. but believe me, for people who knows the real thing, the fakes are not even close!
    the vinyl is so stiff, and the leather's too.

    if i get turn off everytime i see fake bags, i don't think i would carry "good" designer bags anymore.
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