Fake Coach - ?

  1. OMG, a co-worker of mine has a really cute black Coach tote...or so I thought! We were chit chatting on a break and I mentioned "hey, nice Coach!"

    She then went into a long, long story about a "shop on Canal Street in NYC..." and then it was all I could do not to :throwup: . I admit it was a nice looking tote but now I'm just mortified! I don't know enough about Coach to be able to spot a fake, but geez, is this just as common as with other designers? :crybaby: . Repulsive.
  2. yes it is and it's sad. You can stand in any public place and see a ton of fake coach. It's much easier to spot the fake coach than some of the LV's or other things. They make them in styles that never even came out and it just goes to show that people want them just as bad as other purses. I l;ove how the patchwork is only on one side....the minute coach starts to sew them they are also done in fakes.
  3. Before I finished reading your post I was totally thinking the one sided patchwork is one of the most obvious! And annoying!:yes:
  4. The other day I saw someone with a "Goach" bag (like a Coach signature but with Gs instead of Cs) and some little mean part of me really wanted to say "hey, nice Goach" but I managed to keep my trap shut. It was so weird, too, because we were in Whole Foods (not the cheapest grocery store on earth. My mom calls it "Whole Paycheck") and she was pretty well dressed. It's one thing when I see a teenager walking around with fakey bags, I realize they want the look but probably have a severely limited budget. But a grown woman who can spend some serious cash on her groceries? Puh-leeze.
  5. Me too , me too, I saw someone with a "Goach" bag & to top it off she had a "D&C" scarf in her hair instead of a real D&G (Dolce) scarf, I wanted to hurl. I wanted to tell her is she stopped buying all those fakes she could save up her money & buy the real thing but she was bigger than me & could take me so I didn't.


  6. Them's fightin' words!
    :upsidedown: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. ROFLMAO! :roflmfao:
  8. man! I hate those too! who am I kidding...I hate ALL the fakes...but those are just so obvious!
  9. Of all the fakey mcfakersons, Goach makes me LOL the most. Fooling nobody, girlfriend!
  10. :lol: That's so right. I guess I can have a grudging sort of respect for someone that goes out of their way to get a fake that looks real (like the coworker's canal st story), but a fake that's obvious about it? What's the point?

    OMG, I almost totally forgot about this. Last week when I was vacationing in northern Wisconsin I went to a flea market with my parents and there was a stand with all these miserable fake Coach and LV bags. They had those vomitous :throwup: optic signature bags we see on iOffer and eBay, with the weird blue and yellow Cs as well as some ugly plasticky LV items. There were soooooo many people crowding the stand and buying stuff, it was so depressing! They weren't even good fakes, really ugly stuff. If I'd had more nads I would have taken pictures.
    I did, however, snap a picture of a knockoff Barbie toy called "Benign Girl." :lol: :upsidedown:
  11. But wouldn't a fake Barbie really be "Malignant Girl"? LOL
  12. i saw someone today in the salon getting their hair done (very pricey, she happened to pay in 100 dollar bills) and my grandma says to her "oh i see you have a Coach purse! ashleigh has nine!" and she proceeds to tell us that she got it for $30 on Canal Street in NYC. if you can spend that much on a hair cut, why not spend it on a bag? at least bags dont grow out in 6 weeks.
  13. My BF knew about Goach before me!!! LOL!