Fake Coach????

  1. I mean seriously, who would by a fake Coach bag? Coach is not even that expensive, I see so many people with those really God awful fake and I just think its so sad. I am an avid Coach lover, and really, it you can't afford it, then its not for you. Anybody else agree?
  2. honestly, if i couldnt afford coach, i would just get a nice bag from Nine West or Guess or something
  3. while i do agree with you, i also know that $400+ is actually a lot of money for some people. so i can understand it, sure (but that doesn't make it right). but i think a LOT of people carrying fakes honestly have no idea, so i usually give people the benefit of the doubt. but i have a lot more respect for people carrying no name bags than i have for people carrying fakes.
  4. ^^Well put!
  5. Even the fakes are pricy. Why blow that kind of money on fakes when for a little more you can get the real thing??
  6. Exactly. That's the part I don't get.
  7. oh, i know. like, okay, i can sorta see $15-20 for a fake. but $50-100?! are you kidding me?!
  8. It's like paying $400 for a fake LV. When you could buy a real one for $600. What's the freaking point?
  9. I totally agree, Kallison. :yes:

    My neighbor's daughter, who is my age, was visiting and she stopped by my house. I had just gotten home from work and was carrying my Signature Gallery Tote and I think I also had one of my Legacy bags. She saw my bags and told me how cute they were and how much she loves Coach. She then went on to tell me about how she picked up some "great" bags at a purse party and that she got a really good deal on them. She truly thinks the purses sold at purse parties are real - there's not a doubt in my mind. I didn't correct her because it really wasn't appropriate at the time but if it is ever brought up again and I get the opportunity, I will let her know. I feel really bad for people who think they are buying real bags and who truly don't know the difference. I am not saying that buying fakes is okay; I am just saying that there are a lot of people who are duped and I feel bad for them.
  10. This is my thought process too. There are really nice, quality bags out there for less than a $100, $50, shoot even $25 dollars. Plus stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls were (and still are since I still shop there :supacool:) a godsend!

    And if you want designer style but don't that the $$$$ (because I agree with kallison, $400 isn't chump change to a lot of people ) look for brands that produces replicas of a designer style like XOXO or something like that.
  11. First, some people do not know they are carrying a fake. Many receive as gifts or are just uninformed. They dont know that Coach only sells at Boutiques and some Dept Stores. They just dont know this. I didnt until I came here and got informed.

    Until I came here to TPF, I never would have known a fake if I saw one.

    Second, not everyone can afford to drop $300-$400 on a handbag.

    Even to many people, dropping $100 is a lot for them. I have even heard people say that they wouldnt spend over $50 on a handbag. Here in Alaska, any name brand bag is going to cost around that. Even Nine West, Etc.

    And honstly, I dont like many of the styles of those brands. So it isnt an option even when I dont have a few hundred to drop on a Coach.

    I know the motto here is: "Shallow Obessing Stongly Encouraged"

    But really, until you know that person's situation, then you just dont know:okay:
  12. ^^ I understand what you are saying, 86leo, my problem is that when people buy and encourage fakes, it lowers the brand value of the real thing... it also can be bad for those who don't know it is fake by making them think and maybe even tell others that since the quality of thier bag is so bad, that Coach as a company creates shoddy work, which is not true.

    I have also noticed there is a whole different attitude with those who carry fakes, and know they carry fakes. It's like they walk around as IF they were fooling anyone, when they surely aren't fooling anyone who pays attention, or knows a thing or two about the brand. Isn't that the people they would want to try and impress anyways?? Head over to the "worst fakes ever" thread and take a look at some of the completely sick looking fakes.
  13. While some may not know they are fake, SOME DO! And I think those people really have a lot in common with us, they LIKE PURSES, but they just don't understand true quality of a real genuine luxury handbag. I do believe that over time they may research more and eventually try a real one and be just as hooked as all the rest of us.

    Before I started collecting designer bags, I had a big collection of colorful/fun/different bags. I would see them selling stuff on the Streets in DC and hey for 20 bucks I picked up a few, I didn't know any better. I got Kate Spade fakes because of the pretty stripes and interiors etc. I had no idea who Kate spade was, to me the label could have said Jansport or whatever. The label didn't matter. Eventually I did look her up online and found out about my bags. My first purchase of a designer bag did end up being a Kate and since then I have never looked back. Once you understand quality and appreciate it, it is really hard to go back to "Target type" bags. And Lets get real, most of the fake designer bags don't last but 2 or 3 months.

    Whenever I see someone carrying a fake now I just look at them and think, now that's an addiction just waiting to happen....

    I always try to think towords the positive side...
  14. I never looked at it this way, and that's cute and probably right in a LOT of cases!
  15. Yeah not too long ago I was one of those people! Only recently did I find out I was carrying a fake Coack Polka Dot tote for like 3 months last year! I thought it was cute on ioffer.com (auugh never going there again) and paid like 40 bucks for it. Since I've come here I've discovered the polka dot Coach line and boy did I ever smack my forhead. There's no excuse for the people who DO know it's fake tho. Grrr.