Fake Coach Website - how to report?

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  1. I found a horrible website, when doing a search, that has horrible fakes and does not claim to be "inspired by" Coach. The company's location is Ohio. How do I go about reporting this to the proper authorities? I am so disgusted by this!
  2. iacc.org - go on there and report it - I reported a bunch of fake designer bag sites and someone from there actually got back to me and said they would be sure and notify the brands about the sites - I think Coach is the one that actually has to file the complaint before anything happens unfortunately.
  3. Thanks so much - I was just so angry when I saw this. I'll report it and I'll post what happens.
  4. legally I don't think they can tell you what happens, but they should at least respond back to thank you for the info you had given.
  5. Yes, I agree with you - it does feel great to report these counterfeiting sites. I just reported a counterfeit site about 2 days ago and haven't gotten any kind of response so far. And I've reported sites previously and didn't get any response from Coach but I don't mind as long as they do something about those sites.