Fake Coach Tote on Beverly Hills 90210

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  1. The last episode when they are in the hallway ins school, I girl walks buy with a huge ass fake what is supposed to be signature tote, it is hilarious !
  2. On 90210...how could they?
  3. really??? i missed that!
  4. :yucky:
  5. they do this so that they don't have to pay licensing fees to Coach to show their product. Many shows use "inspired" by bags that look like the original.
  6. ^^Yup, I see fake bags on Desperate Housewives all the time. Usually fake Vera Bradley, but occasionally some others.
  7. Are there any repercussions for using the fakes on tv? Seems to me that's encouraging the counterfeiting market. I can hear some hubby saying it now, "Oh darling why buy a Coach bag when your favorite actress is carrying that lovely goachy/roachy bag tonight?" His little tightwad heart is probably singing a hallelujah chorus at the thought of saved bucks. Sorry guys, I'm so excited to have a 3 day weekend I'm giddy and silly. :yahoo:
  8. ^I was going to post something similar. I don't understand the logic. It's illegal to download movies and TV shows but they can use fake designer bags? Why not just use non designer items then? And encourging people to carry fakes isn't right. Although I'm going to assume that the majority of people can't tell it's a fake anyway!
  9. Yuck!!!
  10. I thought these brands wld have glady 'sponsored' the shows with their items e.g. bags, clothes, etc?
  11. ^^ That's my understanding too. It's a small investment for the return. Just think of how many Carlys have probably been sold right after the character in House carried one in a weekly episode.
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I saw that tote! LOL

    and I've noticed the fake Chanel's on that show too!
  14. Wow. I didnt know that. I have to say that im surprised by that. I dont watch this show,but i am surprised that shows would use fakes i guess.
  15. This probably explains why so many people are fooled into thinking their fake bags look just like real bags. They see the same one on TV and assume since it's a TV show that it's the real deal.