Fake Coach Horror Story

  1. I just wanted to share a 'fake Coach horror story' with you guys.

    So here I am at work (I work in a hospital in a pediatric unit) ready to start my night and i see a co-worker walking in with a large Carly (Carly is one of my favs btw). Now first, from far away i thought, 'omg how cute!' then as she got closer I realized that it was a fake! The khaki color was completely off, the leather was a dark brown...not gold, not saddle, not black, but a mud brown. I saw her open the zipper and the inside lining was satin! I was horrified. :wtf:I wanted so bad to tell her that she had gotten a fake but i knew she wouldn't understand because she was the type of person that didn't care for the 'real' thing. It just made me feel...icky just knowing that i had the same bag but mine is real and what if she thought it was also fake? And i mean, this fake wasn't a really really horrible fake but anyone that knows Coach knows it's fake. Now if that wasn't bad....

    Turns out, another co-worker was selling the fake Carlys right there in the hospital! $40, and two other co-workers were in line to buy some from her. While i know selling fakes is illegal and horrible...I just didn't want to butt in and tell her. It's just really none of my business. None of them would've understood me if I told them that they were purchasing a fake and that the real one doesn't look like that. They wouldn't understand paying more for the real thing when they could get something that looks similar and pay less. :s
    Anyway, thanks for letting me share! Scary huh? haha.
  2. Oh No!!!!
  3. uGHH i hate fakes! theyre disgusting. for me, if i am unable to purchase a real one, i would buy a less expensive brand or buy a no name brand purse. but never a copy! ughhh. hey, i still get my $20-$40 purses from places like Aldo when I need a purse for a one time thing or something. but nooooo copies
  4. Yeah totally! I still buy purses from places like Aldo or Nordstrom purses that don't have brands too. Some of those purses are amazing and have lasted years with abuse. but buying a fake makes me feel ...cheapy. I definitely rather have the real thing. :tup:
  5. Ick! Fakes are gross, I can't believe all the stories I'm hearing of people selling these right where they work. :tdown:

    I understand your not wanting to say anything though. People in my area are the same way-I've seen soooo many people with fakes but you can't say a word because to them, it's perfectly ok to carry a fake bag and save a little $$.

    I'll never understand why people will pay so much for a cheaply made fake when they could spend just a little more at the outlet for a real quality bag.
  6. Hmm, that is a shame that she is selling them and that people are buying them. I certainly don't blame you for not saying anything to her. I hate fakes as well, but I would not like to have conflict with a co-worker.
  7. Omg, how scary!! I find it shocking when you see someone you know carrying a fake. It's really disturbing!!
  8. I actually saw a woman w/ this SAME fake bag at a rest stop in New Jersey the other day!!! I honestly thought it was real from a distance and I had to go over and SEE it b/c I didnt think Coach came out w/ khaki/dark brown Carly's!!!! It was also a large Carly....well...as I got closer, she was opening it up to pay for something and YUP....FAKE! Now if Coach would come out w/ a khaki/dark brown Carly, I think LOTS of people would buy that color combo!!!!
  9. ewww how terrible
  10. I don't get it! Why do people buy fakes? The general public buys cheap $20 handbags from the mall and wally world. They don't know an LV from a plastic kids purse at the dollar store. If you love a certain designer purse label, and seek out and purchase those items(fakes on purpose to save $) - the only people who know what you're carrying will know it's a fake and will laugh. So what's the point? You might as well carry something cheap and generic instead of a blatant fake. Instead of buying 20 fakes at $50-100 a piece, save up your $ and buy a real one. One real one is better than all the fakes out there. I would rather die than carry a fake. I'd also rather carry a cheap generic bag from the dollar store than a replica/fake. Ugh. Sorry for the rant.
  11. i was at a flea market with my boyfriend one weekend. and i saw a woman with the khaki carly. it was cute, but as i got closer, it was a total fake!!! it was disgusting! i was also at target the other day, standing in line at the cash register. two woman in front of me were talking, and they each had total fake coach swingpaks with patchwork. the patchwork was totally random pieces that did not go well together. and the straps were cotton and had "COACH" written all over it, soooo tacky looking. ugh, and here i was standing directly behind them with my coach legacy straw tote. i sure hope they didnt think mine was a fake. ugh!

    my mom works at a hospital, she said sometimes they get those fake purse sellers too. my mom even got a card with the sellers website. she asked me if they were real. i already knew they would be fake, but i checked the website out anyway. yup, total fakes!
  12. Yeah I definitely do not want conflict with co-workers especially when i know they wont understand. I even think they are tricked into believing that they are buying real Coach but with really good deals. I don't think they could tell the difference anyway. And if i tell them and ruin it for both parties they might think i'm being snobby and acting like i'm better. Which of course i'm not trying to do that! I just want them to know that the real thing is wayyy better!
  13. I definitely agree! If Coach came out with a khaki and dark brown Carly, it would be a hit! I think the color combination fits more nicely than the khaki with black.
  14. billandjens- I totally agree. I too would rather die than carry fake. I know it's part of the designer label thing, but i mean, you are paying for quality and looks too. Something real is always going to look beautiful and nicely made and the quality is exceptional (for the most part, that is). And for me, knowing the i'm carrying a fake just doesn't feel right, i would long for the real thing. I remember my mom offering me a nicely made, 'looks almost identical to the real thing' fake LV wallet. and i'm like "um no!" sorry mom but I like the wallet but I am going to get myself the real one. or carry this cute target one i have!

    lunatwinkle- oh dear, i thought i was the only one that had a co-worker selling fakes in a hospital. she didn't have a business card of anything (thank goodness!) but she was also selling fake Versace and LV sunnies and fake Coach wallets! Ohhh the horror i was feeling.
  15. ohh wow:mad: I dont like fakes at all some people have them and know they are fake but still would call it real. Insane