Fake Coach Experience-- Had to Share!

  1. Alright, so I'm working in the boutique Saturday night. Very very busy day! And this woman comes strolling in with her daughter. I came up and greeted her, asking her if I could help her find anything. She lifted up her bag and showed it to me and started to brag, "I just wanted to see if I could find one like mine! I think it's special edition. My friend in China got it for me for $40!"

    It was a signature stripe top handle pouch with a long strap, and the signature fabric AND the stripe were navy blue. I was just like... :wtf:

    I had no idea what to say. I just smiled and said "I've never seen that style before." She pointed at the signature stripe totes and said "There, that's almost the same! I'm gonna get my friend to get me one of those." I tried to caution her, telling her that many bags in China were fake and that you get what you pay for, and she got all huffy and said I must be blind, and had I ever BEEN to China and seen their bags? And that the prices were much better and that more than $40 for a Coach bag was stupid. She then flounced out with her daughter. (Keep in mind, I did NOT tell her that she had a fake bag. We don't do that-- at least not in that way. We try to handle it diplomatically-- or we're supposed to. I just can't blurt out "THAT'S A BIG FAT FAKE!" If someone did it to me I'd be MORTIFIED. Even though fakes make me mad.)

    Next, an old man came in with his wife. He pointed at our Legacy Leather Satchels and said, "Why do you mark them up so much here?" Puzzled, I smiled and said "Well, this is just how much Coach bags cost." His words: "No it's not. We were in Korea last month and they were only forty dollars."

    I said, "Well, you get what you pay for, sir. Those were fake bags-- they weren't made by Coach." And he WENT OFF ON ME! "No they weren't! They were real! Looked just like that! Real bags. Not fakes. Why would someone make a fake purse? It was real you could carry it!" I was like, "No, sir, they weren't actually made by Coach. They're just very good copies." And my manager joined us and was telling him the same thing. Then he started banging his cane on the floor and saying "No they weren't! They were real! You people shouldn't mark them up so much, you're ripping people off! We'll buy them in china!" Then he and his wife left. Well, he dragged her out. She looked apologetic.

    We were all just standing there going :wtf:

    I just had to share. :roflmfao:
  2. Don't waste your time on people like that. If they want to get fakes let them get fakes. Like you said, they get what they pay for...
  3. haha. i half expected to read the guy had a temper tantrum in the store, lol. but they were reeeeaaallll. *cue the flailing on the floor*
  4. wow those are some stories. see, i feel really bad for old people like him because well he doesnt know that things can be faked sooo easily. my dad didnt know that the coach bags at the flea market were fake and he honsetly thought that because they were a purse then there is no way it wasn't "real" (meaning real as in physically there vs, fake being not there)

    i mean, everything now days is faked (i even saw a fake BMW M3 the other day, I couldn't tell but the bf pointed out what was 'wrong' with it and said that pretty much the guy got the back tag off eBay and replaced the 325 with M3...sad but true, it happens a lot and i had NO idea)
  5. ^^I KNOW, Kallison! That blue signature jacquard was limited edition, don'tcha know? We sold it for $40 because we sell limited edition items SO CHEAP. OMG. BEST DEAL EVER.


  6. To be honest? I really felt bad for the old guy too. I mean he had no idea. He thought "It wasn't fake. It was real." He didn't know that we meant a copycat, a counterfeit, and once we explained it to him he just got irate. But I felt bad for him. The younger woman and her daughter? Not so much. I just had to share with y'all. The people that come in with fake bags, just amaze me. Sheer numbers.

    And I saw a REAL Katy tote yesterday. I about died over the stripes. I should've stolen it from her and RAN. COACH SUPA ROBBA!:supacool:
  7. Coach should have handouts just for those situations.
  8. i love it when i am looking at what to get and these high school girls waltz in with their fake coachs and LVs and look me up and down like i am some oddity.

    but i do feel REALLY bad for the people who try and argue with the SAs regarding the whole 'fix this bag i got on eBay/ioffer/craigslist because its coach...no its real the seller guaranteed it'
  9. Wow, sounds like the Twilight Zone!!! I give you credit, Sarah...I worked in retail for a few years and couldn't deal with the people 99.9% of the time. But I NEVER had to deal with telling them that their bags were not authentic. As if they weren't psychotic enough.....
  10. Wow you did great! You were very professional! That probably would have been the day I got fired! :p
  11. That's too funny. Some people are so ghetto.

  12. haha!!! :smile: Imagine :smile: a stack of packets "welcome to the world of fake coach handbags' included inside a booklet of what to look for, checklist, quiz and a whistle to blow when you encounter a fake coach that sounds like a warning car alarm "eeehhh eeehhh STEP AWAY FROM THE FAKE COACH!"

    hahahaa :smile: I love it! poor poeple who dont kmow that there are so many grimy ppl out there
  13. That's a real shame that you have to deal with people like this. I mean that is really a tough situation. You are working so hard, on your feet all day and to have to be diplomatic about something like that when you know it is fake. I take my hat off to you Sara. I don't know if I would have been that nice. Can they honestly think that they are getting a real designer handbag for $40.
    If that is all they are willing to spend they have no business going to a Coach store and should just head to
    Canal street. If I could not afford to wear a designer handbag I just wouldn't buy it. I certainly would not settle for a cheap immitation!
  14. Thing is that people don't know the background on fakes, who makes them, what it does to the economy, sweatshops, etc.

    Then they couldn't tell a fake from a real one (the most obvious fakes).

    It doesn't have to be an all out handout on exactly what to look for but should detail some background.
  15. In the Interior Design/Furniture industry, I always tell people, "Well, if you don't see the difference, then you probably SHOULD buy the fake." Really, if they don't appreciate the quality differences, then let them.