Fake Coach at my Macy's

  1. My Macy's doesn't have an inventory of Coach but will resell returns. They had three bags and one of their bags was an obvious fake "Goach". I pointed this out to the SA and she totally shocked. The manager and I got to talking about how when I use to work at Dillard's a SA was busted for taking back fake coaches from her friends and the police were called. I hope they track who returned this fake purse and who accepted the returned.

    Please tell me this would never happen at an outlet store. SA accepting and reselling fake Coaches.
  2. This would NEVER happen at an outlet store. They know there stuff just as much as the boutique SAs. I've always seen a manager help in inspecting returns.
  3. Thank you! My husband gave me three bags yesterday to celebrate valentines, my birthday and chinese new years from the outlet.
  4. Wow, that is awful! I hope they find who did that return!
  5. Oh wow!
  6. Holy Cow! Macy's has an awesome Loss Prevention department. I am hoping they are caught ASAP.
  7. THANK GOD you spotted it before someone bought it. Can you IMAGINE buying a fake bag from Macy's? Not everyone knows the brand like we do. As evident by the SA even accepting the bag!
  8. True. I am new to coach and loving it so much now. I could have never spotted it as I am not yet an expert. Well I am glad you showed them. It was very sweet of you.
  9. This is what I was afraid would be the recent trend of the counterfeiters - returning Fakes to Dept stores and the Dept stores turning around and selling it to customers. I think I'll be buying my Coach items from the Boutiques or the Outlets from now on. I don't think I'll be buying Coach from any Dept stores again unless I'm 200% sure they're authentic!

    It really was great of you to notify them of the Fake or else they would've sold it to some unsuspecting customer!
  10. I can't believe a "Goach" was returned. The "G" is a dead giveaway so I think it does reek of an inside job.

    Good job catching the fake and reporting it (and thanks to Macy for removing it off the shelf instead of arguing with you by insisting it was real.)
  11. This is becoming more and more common as we know, smh.
  12. Wow ... I saw a Goach at a Ross once, but I never would have thought they would make it to Macy's ... this is astounding.
  13. I recently found a fake Dooney and Bourke at TJ Maxx. I turned it in, and the manager was shocked. In these kinds of places, it's even worse, but yes, many SAs don't know and/or don't care. I heard Coach sent reps to the dept. stores for a seminar on how to tell counterfeit items, etc.
  14. So sad, isn't it?? I just want these counterfeiters taken down so badly!!! Ugh!
  15. Unbelievable. I'm glad you put Macys on notice.