Fake Claim Question

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  1. If I sell something Coach and don’t claim that it is authentic does that protect me from a buyer claiming it is fake? Also even though I say “no returns” how long does eBay give a buyer to return something?
    I sold a small flower Coach coin purse and the buyer claims it’s a fake and filed a snad. I received the email while on vacation and just told her to return it. Once I was home I did find the receipt. From now on I think I will just picture the receipt and let the buyer decide if they think it's authentic. Even though the receipts can be faked also. I would rather take less for the item than go through the return crap.
    Another question how do you refund if you don’t have money left in paypal? I don’t want to send a check or money order and have them say they didn’t get it. Do you just wait until you sell something else to have a balance?
  2. Per eBay, it doesn't matter the seller claimed the item is authentic or not on the listing. The buyer still can return the item if he/she can proof it is fake.

    If you don't have enough money in your PayPal account, when you refund money, the money will be withdrawn from your checking account, which usually will take 3 - 4 business days. Since you refund via PayPal, PayPal will reverse the PayPal charge so you don't have to pay PayPal fee. If you refund the buyer with a check, you are still charged by PayPal fee.
  3. oh thank god thats good to know. i bought a botkier bag and didnt have it checked to be authenticate and i think its a fake...i wasnt sure what to do with ebay but im now i know i can file a dispute. such a relief *whew*. im going to an appraiser tomorrow to handle this quickly.
  4. A question, what if someone peddles a fake and blatantly describes it as "non-authentic and inspired/style of...", is lucky his auction didn't get pulled and gets a winning bid. Can buyer win a Paypal dispute on the grounds that it's a fake? Sometimes I see such things on ebay, so I'm curious.
  5. Its illegal to sell a fake period. Just file a report that its an ugle illegal fake and demand a refund.
    As to yours? Ebay and Paypal no longer acccept receipts as proof of authenticity. It has to be appraised by a reputable appraiser. If you resell it put a pic of the receipt in the ad.
  6. Block that seller. I'd not be willing to give them away just to keep a SNAD. Maybe try a consignment store?