Fake Chloe Reciepts for sale!!???

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I must admit I've been a lurker for a while now... and I love it! I have yet to purchase my first "real" handbag...

    Anyways, I was appalled and disturbed when I ran into this:

    Chloe receipt template for sell!! For Sale

    I don't have time to look into reporting this one, but I thought you guys might be able to help! There are also LV receipt templates and all. Check out the guy who leaves a comment because he needs 2 Edith receipts! That really bothers me!
  2. Welcome to the miserable lives of replica handbags sellers. Fake boutique receipts have been floating around for aeons now. Some have even moved onto department store tags. It's just so pathetic and these people need to be sh*t:censor:
  3. Disgusting!!
  4. Yeah...it is pretty sad & scary. Now they don't limit themselves to just boutiques. They mimic Saks, NM, BG, etc. They even ask you when you want it made and which store location.

    It's so scary.
  5. wow, I never knew all this was out there! Yes, I'm new to this world of handbags! After reading through many many posts, you all have convinced me to only buy from a store!
  6. I can't believe those people:wtf:

    This should be downright ILLEGAL:rant:
  7. the things that people will do just to make a quick buck!!! receipts are useless these day! it is best to be super vigilant with resale bags, best is to get from the boutique itself!
  8. As they say, "Let the buyer beware." First it's fake receipts, then it's identity theft. What's next? It's just another fine example of the goods, the bag and the ugly!

    I have to admit, these scam artists do make it tempting for you to believe that you could actually get an authentic designer bag for a bargain basement price.

    I chose to avoid buyer's remorse; I purchased my Chloe Paddy from Bergdorf's and I have The Purse Forum to thank for it.

    Just remember, you have to take a lot into consideration when you have what I like to call Obsessive ComPursive Disorder!


  9. HUH?!Seriously?They even made fake tags and receipts from Saks, NM, etc?:wtf:And they even made ELuxury receipts?!:throwup:
  10. That template doesn't look anything like the real Chloe receipts I have!
  11. My goodess. I have to say I knew there were fakes/replicas but never did I know to what degree these people go to. How incredible and how sad for unsuspecting buyers.

    It really makes you rethink the idea of buying anywhere other than a store. So sad. It ruins it for legitimate sellers.
  12. If you know the difference between genuine receipts/tags, compared to the fakes, you'll still be safe to buy from Ebay etc.

    But for the unsuspecting buyer who simply sees a piece of paper with 'proof of purchase' it will be much easier for the counterfeiters to fool them. Very disconcerting.:sad:
  13. Look at the buyer questions. Should we add the seller and the buyer to the list of fake sellers?
  14. yuck!!! it's disgusting
  15. Can't they be reported to some type of authority??